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TSC Ask Schools To Support BOM Teachers

TSC Ask Schools To Support BOM Teachers

John Wepoghe, director of the Lugari Sub-County Teachers Service Commission, encourages schools and communities that accept teachers from other counties to establish a favourable environment for them to generate outstanding national outcomes.

Wepoghe said that it is up to the schools and communities to ensure that teachers can live close to where they work so that they don’t have to struggle during their time there.

According to him, several teachers transferred from other counties were not delivering the desired results in their general duties because they were operating far from their workstations or were compelled to work in unfavorable conditions.

The Director of the Sub-County TSC instructed the Boards of Management of the schools to examine the working conditions of their teachers in terms of housing and general welfare as they debate the performance of their schools.

He stated that school BOMs and general school neighbors should be concerned with how their teachers integrate into their community and how they might be assisted in improving the academic achievement of their students.

According to Wepoghe, most schools in the Lugari Sub-County require teachers to live outside the school because there are no nearby residences.

He lamented that some transferred teachers had turned to alcoholism because school BOMs and local communities were unconcerned about their work hardships.

“We sometimes receive teachers who don’t drink alcohol but after frustrations they undergo in schools they have been posted to, they resort to heavy drinking as a way of nursing those woes,” he revealed.

Wepoghe stated that it was the responsibility of the schools’ stakeholders as a whole to guarantee that instructors assigned to their communities receive the necessary support as they strive to improve school quality.

He stated that teachers understand TSC requirements while performing their duties.

Still, it is the responsibility of the schools and communities in which they serve to guarantee they are sober and eager to attend every session.

The TSC Sub-County Director challenged citizens of Lugari on Thursday at his office in Lumakanda to build new homes near schools to attract teachers to live closer to their workplaces.

TSC Ask Schools To Support BOM Teachers


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