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TSC Allows Delocalized Teachers To Re-Rout And Swap After Agreement With KUPPET

TSC Allows Delocalized Teachers To Re-Rout And Swap After Agreement With KUPPET

Teachers who are affected by delocalization and want to switch to their preferred stations can now submit a transfer request.

The Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) has declared that they have agreed with the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to resolve all delocalization-related problems.

At a news conference in Nairobi on Thursday, Kuppet Secretary General Mr. Akello Misori stated that they agreed that teachers who were assigned to areas they did not apply for should be returned to their preferred areas of duty.

He says that rerouting of teachers to return to their old or preferred locations has already started and will keep going.

Following a series of discussions with the teachers’ employer, it was agreed that delocalized teachers would be reassigned to their preferred service locations.

In addition, Mr. Misori noted that they agreed the government would no longer delocalize teachers.

As a result, instructors can now apply online through the TSC website, with the transfer process expected to begin in January of next year.

Mr. Misori stated that the Union is aware that many teachers were affected by the delocalization program because they were sent to places they did not want to go and that it is now time to allow the affected teachers to seek to be transferred to their preferred locations.

“With this, the hue and cry that marked the delocalisation policy should come to an end. We realised that addressing the teachers’ issues has been taken as a normal thing,” said Mr Misori.

“The window period of up to January, 2023 is to avoid disruption of the ongoing school calendar. Going forward, we have said no to delocalisation,” he added.

Mr. Julius Korir, the vice-chairman of the national Kuppet, stated that teachers who were transferred without their consent and wish to be reinstated can now take advantage of the new development.

He advised the teachers to indicate their desired destination and provide a snapshot of their application form to the Union.

“Once a teacher has applied to be transferred, they should take a screenshot and send the same to the Union,” said Mr Korir.

Two weeks ago, members of Congress demanded that the TSC cease the nationwide delocalization of teachers and conduct a full assessment of its redeployment program.

They were concerned that the delocalization had disrupted the lives of teachers, decreased their morale, and brought unimaginable misery to many of them.

The current government has expressed its willingness for delocalized teachers to return to their home counties, and Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has already met with TSC to discuss the issue.

However, the transfer process may encounter obstacles due to TSC’s severe qualifying requirements for such transfer petitions.

According to TSC, an employee must have spent at least five years at their current position to be eligible for a transfer.

In addition, both parties must submit an application to indicate their desire to exchange.

TSC Allows Delocalized Teachers To Re-Rout And Swap After Agreement With KUPPET


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