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Truth Behind Trending Video of Student Being Strangled by Watchmen

Truth Behind Trending Video of Student Being Strangled by Watchmen

A student who was strangled in a video that went viral on Friday, October 7, has relayed the actions that led to the brawl on the campus of Bungoma County’s Sang’alo Institute of Science and Technology.

The Civil Engineering student, Fredrick Oduor Otieno, stated that the incident occurred during a training session with the institution’s rugby team.

Otieno was reportedly expelled from the university after being accused of organizing a student strike in early 2022.

According to reports, the student was accused of sneaking into the institution’s pitch despite being expelled, causing the security guards to react.

The guards pursued him and attempted to forcefully lead him out of the premises, which resulted in the assault captured on video.

Otieno, on the other hand, refuted the claims, claiming that he had consulted with the rugby coach prior to his entry. The victim told The Standard that he had lost consciousness during the altercation.

“As I waited, the school’s security head, Lucas Wanjala, a former uniformed officer, approached me from behind, demanding that I step out of the school.

“Before I could respond, he hit me in the back, tearing my jacket as he called upon his junior from Pride Security,” he told The Standard. 

It took the intervention of his female peers, he claims, for the security guards to finally let him go.

The shared video only captured the final moments of his ordeal, which he claims was much longer.

“What Kenyans saw came in the last part of the assault, they had torn my jacket, hit my head against the water taps, beat me on the back, and strangled me several times before I fell unconscious when a student recorded the last minutes of it as they (guards) continued with the assault prompting the female colleagues to demand that they free me,” alleges the civil engineering student.

The institution’s management has promised to look into the matter. Despite insisting that Otieno was “in the wrong,” the principal, Dr Rosabella Chukwu Cheptoo, condemned the assault.

Otieno also hopes to have his expulsion reviewed so that he can finish his civil engineering studies.

Police in Bungoma County’s Sang’alo area have launched an investigation into an incident in which a college student is seen being assaulted by two guards in a viral video.

The student told Citizen TV after the incident that he lost consciousness and nearly died during the assault.

The guards later took him to a police station, accusing him of assault and illegally entering the institution’s compound.

Fredrick Otieno Madowo, 26, is still recovering from the attack on Friday by school guards at Sang’alo Technical Institute.

Madowo, who was wearing a bandage on his head, claimed he nearly died after being assaulted by the two guards.

“My head was hurt, my thoracic vertebrae… I can not nod, so far, so god, I am alive. Just some small pressure, I have not been treated and I have no money,” Madowo told Citizen TV.

Madowo claimed that the guards approached him from behind and attacked him as he arrived to train with fellow students in preparation for an inter-college competition.

He claims his coach asked him to attend Kettiso ball games at Bumbe Technical College in Busia county to represent the institution.

Dr. Rosabella Chukwu, principal of Sang’alo Institute, has condemned the attack on the student and stated that she will address the matter next week because she is currently away. She has, however, confirmed that the student has been released from police custody and is safe and sound.

Wilson Muraya, the commander of Bungoma South Sub-county, told Citizen over the phone that investigations into the matter have begun.

Truth Behind Trending Video of Student Being Strangled by Watchmen


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