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Transfer of teachers By TSC from terror-prone Ijara, Fafi causes uproar

Parents and learners from Ijara and Fafi sub-counties of Garissa have protested the transfer of teachers to perceived more secured regions.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has re-deployed about 20 newly recruited non-local teachers that were posted to the two areas.

The move has sparked street demonstrations from locals demanding the reversal decision of the transfers.

In January 2020, TSC redeployed numerous non-local teachers in Garissa after three teachers attack at Kamuthey in a terror. Parents and learners in Bura protested and asked the state to cancel all transfers, stating that the move will endanger their future

“We came to the streets with our children because we are angered by what the government is doing. Are we not Kenyans? Don’t our children deserve quality education?” asked Mustafa Khalid.

Mustafa said the state should establish security instead of transferring educators to other regions. He said such move will negatively affect the quality of education of their children.

Fafi politician Mohamed Diis Shafat demanded to know who directed the transfer of teachers, stating there was no insecurity in the area.

Shafat has displayed an interest in contending for the Fafi parliamentary seat in 2022.

“These teachers were transferred a week after they were posted. Who gives such kind of orders? Every Kenyan has a right to quality education and we will not accept such a move,” Shafat told the Star.

Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Executive Secretary for Garissa Abdirizack Hussein vowed to take up the matter to find a solution.

He noted that the redeployment might have a disastrous impact, claiming that children left without education might easily fall prey to militant groups.

“Why are you recruiting these teachers if you will redeploy them immediately? This is just taking these institutions as a recruitment bureau,” Hussein said.


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