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TPD To Ensure CBC Success

TPD To Ensure CBC Success.

The Teacher Professional Development (TPD) program has been running for about four months, and enrollment has been steadily increasing.

Kenya Education Management Institute (KEMI), Kenyatta (KU), Riara, and Mount Kenya universities were all approved to offer the program.

To begin the program, which was launched in December, the institutions must admit a minimum of 5,000 teachers.

The institutions are expected to provide teachers with professional knowledge, skills, and attitudes to address pedagogy and content using the Competency Based Teacher Education model during the training.

Modules were developed to add value and improve teachers’ competencies and learner outcomes, and each module will be delivered by one of the four institutions on behalf of the Teachers Service Commission.

A blended learning model is used, consisting of face-to-face sessions held during school holidays and online learning, in which teachers and instructional leaders can access online content at any time based on their availability.

Mount Kenya University (MKU), one of the universities offering the program, says implementation is on track.

According to Dr Benson Njoroge, the TPD programme team leader at MKU, the paradigm shift in education to Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) necessitates the need to broaden and deepen knowledge, skills, and competencies in order to effectively perform the work.

“Mount Kenya is building teachers’ capacity for a new era of education in Kenya through TPD prescribed modules, school based TPD and acquiring higher education qualification,” Njoroge told a secondary school principals’ meeting recently.

The first cohort training was held online from December 27 to 31, and the second from April 4 to 8. A third group was trained a week before the start of the new school year.

Teachers and instructional leaders can access online content from anywhere at any time using modern technologies.

MKU has already created a TPD app, a Learning Management System (LMS) for online learning, and self-paced learning materials that are accessible to people with disabilities.

The university has identified training centers in each of the 290 sub-counties where teachers can receive face-to-face training beginning next year.

“MKU has partnered with Safaricom to offer subsidised e-learning bundles – 10GB for Sh500 that teachers can use to learn in the LMS and Microsoft Teams,” said Njoroge.

Similarly, the app facilitates the application and onboarding process for students by providing several features such as lessons that include five chapters, 19 lessons, and group activities, integration with LMS to allow access to resources, and a link to Microsoft Teams for county-based group discussions and communities of practice.

According to TSC, teachers are expected to enroll in and complete a TPD program on a face-to-face basis for five days once a year during a school holiday.

To facilitate learning, they will be required to download an App developed by their respective universities.

Teaching and learning must evolve in response to the changing world.

The Covid-19 pandemic demonstrated, more than ever, that there is power in embracing technology, and teachers must also be prepared to play a role.

Teachers must prepare students to navigate increasingly complex social, cultural, economic, technological, and global challenges.

According to Kenyatta University, TPD face-to-face sessions will begin in December 2022 in various designated sub-county centers to ensure that all teachers have access.

The first online session of the introductory module was successfully held in December 2021 and January 2022, while the second online session was held last week.

“Other modes of delivery will include participation in a country network of teachers to create a community of practice among teachers, follow up observation visits to schools by University teacher educators to provide feedback and support as well as mentoring and/or peer observation,” says a public notice from Kenyatta University

Last month, KEMI and Riara University also held online sessions.

Applicants for the TPD program must pay Sh6,000 in installments.

Following successful completion of the introductory module, the institutions will issue a transcript and certificate for teaching license renewal.

TSC has insisted that the refresher courses are not intended to punish teachers, but rather are part of ongoing educational reforms designed to keep teachers equipped to deal with emerging global trends. The program was initially met with opposition, but it has since gained popularity.

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TSC confirmed that TPD is legal and that it can be recommended on occasion.

Article 48 of the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Code of Regulations for Teachers 2015 states that every teacher must complete the TPD prescribed or recommended by the Commission.

Similarly, the regulations state that the commission will issue a teaching certificate to any teacher who successfully completes a professional TPD.

TPD To Ensure CBC Success


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