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TPAD 2 System for TSC Teachers: What You Need to Know

TPAD 2 System for TSC Teachers: What You Need to Know

The Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD) system 2 is a mechanism that enables the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to evaluate teachers’ performance in accordance with the agency’s established standards.

Performance appraisal is critical because it is used to review and improve teaching standards using a systemic appraisal approach.

This, in turn, promotes professional growth.

How to Create a User Account

The scrapping of SMS verification and security checks has made it easier to create an account.

Fill in your TSC number, ID number, phone number, email address, and password, which you must confirm.

Create your account and select SMS as your Mode of Notification.

You will be expected to update your teaching subjects/roles and academic details in the following window.

Upon successful account creation, a success message will be sent to the registered phone number.


All you have to do is enter your TSC number, ID number, and password.

Password Reset Instructions

Within your timeline, click Manage Account and enter your current and new passwords, followed by a password confirmation.

How to Activate Account

Accounts for new teachers are activated as follows:
All teachers in the region are approved by the County or Sub-County office.

Only the deputy headteacher, H.0.Ds, and all other teachers in the same school system are approved by the headteacher. The same task can be delegated to the deputy headteacher.

The accounts are activated by the aforementioned personnel after they find their names in an uploaded list.

Creating a New Appraisal

  • Click Self-Assessment from the menu.
  • Choose “Create New Appraisal.”
  • Select the year and term under Appraisal Details, and then indicate whether or not you are eligible for appraisal by clicking On Duty.
TPAD 2 System for TSC Teachers: What You Need to Know
TPAD 2 System for TSC Teachers: What You Need to Know

Conduct Appraisal

Select any of the assessment modes, from Teaching Standards to Learner Progress to Lesson Attendance and update, under the Assessment Area.

Before logging out, click the ‘Request Observation’ icon, then log out and wait for the headteacher to approve.

Appraisal Form

The appraisal form can be downloaded from the TPAD site. The form must be duplicated and filled out three times per term, or once per month.

Every year, the original report will be forwarded by July 31st, and the duplicate will be kept by the appraisee.

The form is divided into two sections.

Part 1: Personal Data

This includes a teacher’s personal information as well as their employment history.

Part 2: Performance Evaluation

The appraiser and appraisee discuss the appraisee’s performance in terms of departmental/divisional objectives, agreed-upon work targets, performance standards, output and expected results, and demonstrated skills/competences.

It is divided into 5 segments

Parts 2A-2D

Performance of appraisees is evaluated for each of the four quarters. It will account for 80% of the total rating.

Part 2E

In this section, the appraisee is evaluated based on behavioral characteristics that reflect the Commission’s Core values. This will account for 20% of the total rating.

Part 3: Overall Rating

This section will summarize the Quarterly scores in Parts 2A through 2D, as well as the scores on the behavioral attributes in Part 2E.

The total of the cumulative scores will then be converted into a percentage score.

It should be noted that in this section, the appraiser’s rating shall constitute the appraisee’s actual grade.

Part 4: Training Needs and Development

The appraisee is given the opportunity in this section to state specific performance gaps that, if addressed, will improve the appraisee’s output and competencies.

The appraiser will discuss the appraisee’s performance gaps and then propose what training interventions they believe are necessary as a supervisor.

Part 5: Countersigning Officer’s Remarks

The countersigning officer is the appraisee’s and appraiser’s overall supervisor. He or she will check the report.

Also Read:

Documents required.

  • Conduct and behavior records for learners/trainees, as well as guidance and counselling records
  • Minutes of subject/program/departmental meetings.
  • Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development records. 
  • Individualized Educational Programmes (IEP records)
  • Activities for professional development
  • Observation Records for Lessons
  • Records of community and stakeholder participation
  • Evidence of ICT integration in teaching/learning
  • Preparation of teaching aids from locally available resources

TPAD 2 System for TSC Teachers: What You Need to Know


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