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Top Student Dropped Out of University to Work in a Primary School.

Top Student Dropped Out of University to Work in a Primary School.

A Kiambu court was stunned after detectives testified about how a 33-year-old duped everyone he met into thinking he was a primary school student after quitting university.

Lloyd Abednego Mogoi alias Gamaliel Isaac Mogoi’s story begins in 2003 when he completed his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination and enrolled in Mutuini High School in Dagoretti the following year.

Mogoi was one of the most popular students in Form Three, but as his popularity waned, he decided to transfer to Dr Ribeiro Parklands Boys High School.

In 2008, he took his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exam and received a mean grade of B with 65 points. He refused government entry to the Technical University of Kenya (TUK).

Mogoi resat for the national exam a second time, earning a B+ and a place at Egerton University.

He was accepted to Egerton University, where he majored in Instrumentation and Control Engineering. He was given a scholarship, but he was dissatisfied with his life on campus.

Mogoi left the university and vanished in his fourth year, never to be seen on campus again. Mugoi reappeared three years later, in 2018, at the Kisii Central Registration of Persons Office.

He was attempting to obtain vital documents under the guise that his government certificates and identity had been destroyed in a fire. He informed officers at the Registration of Persons that he had misplaced his birth certificate in the fire and sought a replacement.

“You pushed a false statement that you were issued a birth certificate under the name of Gamaliel Isaac Mogoi, knowing you had previously been issued a National Identity Card under the name of Lloyd Abednego Mogoi,” according to the charge sheet.

The accused also created a fake personality and was given a new birth certificate under the name Gamaliel Isaac Mogoi, according to the court. He immediately left Kisii and went to Kiambu County under a different name.

He applied for admission to Gachororo Primary School in Kiambu as a needy student who had been unable to continue his education due to financial constraints. He was a student in Class 7.

Top Student Dropped Out of University to Work in a Primary School.
Top Student Dropped Out of University to Work in a Primary School.

Mogoi was an A student who frequently left the primary school to teach Form Four students Geography and Mathematics at a nearby secondary school. He took his KCPE exams and received an impressive 410 out of a possible 500.

He was accepted to Alliance High School, but that was the end of the road for the imposter. Mogoi incited students at the National School to strike, but his plans were thwarted.


The teachers decided to investigate his background to understand where his problems appeared to be coming from, but what they discovered was a complicated web of lies.

Nothing is known about the new Form. When one of the students made sense to the teachers, they decided to call the police.


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