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Top Counties With Over 18 Candidates in KCPE Exams

Top Counties With Over 18 Candidates in KCPE Exams.

The Cabinet secretary for Education Prof. Ezekiel Machogu has reveales counties that had most candidates aged above 18 years.

Machogu stated that the counties of Garissa, Turkana, Kilifi, Kwale, and Mandera had the largest number of candidates aged 18 or older.

During the release of the KCPE 2022 results, the Cabinet Secretary (CS) disclosed that the government wished to provide parents with ample time to prepare for form one admissions.

The placement exercise, according to Machogu, would be concluded by Monday, January 16, 2023. 

“The Ministry is determined to place the 2022 KCPE candidates in secondary schools as soon as possible to give parents adequate time to prepare them for the admissions to Form One. 

“The actual Form One selection exercise for all categories of schools will be concluded on January 16th, 2023.” Machogu said.

During the exercise, he also disclosed some of the subjects that dropped in performance compared to last year.

Speaking during the release of the 2022 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) results, Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu said the top candidate for 2022 got 431 marks.

He noted this was an improvement from the 2021 exam where the best candidate got 428 marks.

Top Student

14-year-old Robinson Fwaro, who scored 431 marks on the KCPE examinations in 2022, aspires to become a software engineer.

Wednesday, the student from Christ the King Primary School in Kanduyi constituency, Bungoma county, disclosed his ambition during an interview at his previous school.

Fwaro stated that he is overjoyed and was not expecting to be the first student in Kenya.

“I expected to be among the top ten students in the country but this has come to me as a surprise,” he said.

The top student expressed a wish to enroll at Alliance Boys High School.

“I have been yearning to join Alliance Boys High School to realise my dream of becoming a software engineer. I know that with my parents support I will make it,” he said.

The top student attributed his accomplishment to school discipline, hard study, and teacher cooperation.

Fwaro stated that his parents provided him with substantial support. He is the oldest of two children; his younger sibling is four years old.

Fwaro stated that he had numerous obstacles in his studies, one of which was the short-term education calendar, which left them little time to read and prepare for national tests.

“Despite having the short school calendar we had no choice but to adjust fast and make it work,” he said

David Fwaro Wekesa, the father of Fwaro, is a businessman in Bungoma town and a former member of the county legislature.

Wekesa expressed his delight by stating that his son’s success is the result of years of discipline throughout his primary education.

According to him, Fwaro has always intended to attend a national school and major in engineering at the university.

“I have never had hard times with my son as he is always self-driven in his school work and I had no doubt that he was going to score good results,” he said.

Wekesa praised the school’s commitment to ensuring that pupils had sufficient time to study.

Night Karani, the mother, stated that his son’s accomplishment was the result of prayer and labor.

Amos Nyongesa, the school’s assistant principal, expressed gratitude to God for the positive results despite the numerous obstacles they encountered. He reported that one of their candidates had passed away.

Top Counties With Over 18 Candidates in KCPE Exams.


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