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Three Teachers ‘Missing’ After Primary School Terror Attack in Mandera

Three Teachers ‘Missing’ After Primary School Terror Attack in Mandera

At least three teachers have gone missing after a terror attack at a primary school in Mandera County.

Local security agencies said suspected Al-Shabaab terrorists attacked a primary school around 1 a.m. on Wednesday.

According to a police report citing a preliminary report from the Libehiya assistant county commissioner, suspected militants “attacked Libehiya Primary School, targeting three non-local teachers residing in the school compound.”

The attack was responded to by National Police Reservists (NPR), who secured the school. After running in different directions, the three teachers could not be found.

Armed militants used rocket-propelled grenades and other explosives to destroy a communication mast in the town of Libehiya.

While Libehiya was being attacked, another group of militants attacked security installations in Alungu, Lafey sub-county, damaging a communication mast and several vehicles at the Alungu Police Station.

“Today at around [2.30 am] two rocket-propelled grenades were fired at [the] Alungu Safaricom mast by persons suspected to be Al-Shabaab terrorists followed by massive gun sounds from AK-47 rifles prompting officers at the camp (both general duty and QRU) to move with speed and respond to contain the situation,” the police report said.

According to the report, officers repulsed the attackers after about an hour of gunfighting.

After the smoke cleared, it was discovered that a Safaricom mast and two vehicles had been damaged.

Six bullet holes were found in a lorry parked near the mast, and bullet holes were found in the driver’s window of a Toyota Land Cruiser.

The security team from Mandera County, led by Onesmus Kyatha, was in a meeting.


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