Friday, January 27, 2023
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Three Re-usable Face-masks Per Student.- KUPPET Conditions To The Ministry Of Education Ahead Of School Reopening.

Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) yesterday instructed the state to make sure all learners get 3 re-usable masks upon schools reopening next month.

Led by Kuppet chairman Omboko Milemba, the union projected Ksh1 billion cost of face masks for about 12 million basic school learners in Kenya.

Milemba noted that sanitizers and clean water in schools would be important for achieving health protocols. He expressed his optimism stating that reopening of schools is not hard when there's enough water in schools.

Milemba also called the Ministry of Education to identify students from private schools that permanently shut down during the Covid-19 period and take them to public schools.

The Kuppet chairman emphasized on the importance of reopening schools beginning with candidates and those in standard 7 followed by form 4s and form 3s later and finally the rest of the learner population.

Milemba explained that funds should be disbursed to all public schools to guarantee effective operations as parents seek means of raising school fees which may not be obtained instantly.

Milemba announced that the Ministry of Education needs to request money from Treasury ahead of school reopening in order to disburse to all public learning institutions to enable them to achieve their needs. 

On the academic calendar, the curriçulum and coverage of syllabus, Kuppet noted that that problem will be addressed by the Ministry of Education together with the Teachers Service Commission.

Omboko Milemba asked Kenyans to have their faith in teachers who will conduct the curriculum and teach the curriculum to ensure that exams are can be done early,” said Milemba.

Teachers are expected to report to school on Monday to prepare for the reopening of schools in October.

Parents have complained of unpreparedness to reopen as some stakeholders think that the country is not yet ready to reopen.


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