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Technical And Vocational Education And Training Plights And Possible Solutions

Education is a basic need and a necessity for any developing country. TVET inception demonstrated a total inability to perform their mandated task  that includes 

  1. Advise employer on policy relating to Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET). (lobby for employment ).
  2. Make grants or loans for the support and provision of TVET through the Employment and Training Fund  (Funds to pay us )

TSC is proving even to be much organized and supportive to their employees despite thousands of learning centres they are tasked to manage. Tvet has PS, director and other staffing crew however we have lived to see nothing good from them, it’s a high time we demand them they work for us.

TVET is indeed dragging much behind in terms of service delivery, Interviews done takes 8 months plus to be out. This a serious catastrophe that embeds the state department. We are urging the PSC in collaboration with TVET to fastrack such exercises to ensue colleges are timely staffed on time. 


TVET is mandated to recruit and deploy through the PSC. Hundreds of colleges across the country offer both technical and business courses however the employer has of late been seen reluctant to employ business group. The notion that technical colleges are basically majoring in technical courses and not business is an ill-advised thing.

Business is key in TVET institutions they must be considered equally important just like technicals when on earth do an electrical trainer comes in to train procurement, sales and marketing,  accounts? 

It’s totally impossible. Therefore I urge TVET to consider the immediate release of business and technical adverts to curb the 100 transition policy. We cannot be pumping out thousands of learners to understaffed TVET centers, who will train them.

As we await the resumption of learning, we ought to remember that the understaffed colleges are supplemented by hardworking and dedicated BOG  trainers. With their little pay and too many workloads, they have been able to propel these centers to meet their needs. 

The government had forgotten this noble group of Kenyans during this global pandemic. Let the government chip in and cushion them just like the primary and secondary schools. They equally pay taxes just like any other Kenyan. 

The MOE should develop a transition form kind of employment in their structure. Employing 1000 trainers every year with a budget of over 30 million on the process of briefings, selection and interviews is an abnormal thing.

That money is enough to employ other 500 staffs, let the college BOG  empowered, they do interviews and staffs be moved on interns terms by PSC one-year renewal contract. When their turn comes they are just confirmed.

Why spend millions to interview someone who has been training and producing exemplary products by the end of the year surely? We need to be accountable and by all means, try all ways and means possible to save funds for development and equipping our centres.

Mc Buzek _Trainer


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