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Teaching Vacancies At Nova Pioneer 2020.

Nova Pioneer is looking for:

1) Arts and IT Resident teacher 

2) School Dorm Father

3) Secondary School Nurse

4)Primary School Nurse 

5) School Business Studies Teachers- (2positions)

The teacher will perform a significant role in fulfilling an exceptional 21st Century education experience for students. This is an inspiring chance to be a part of innovative channels of schools that are cultivating generations of innovators and leaders who will develop the African Century.

About Nova Pioneer

Visualize a world in which every junior person beyond Africa attends a school that honestly sets them up for prosperity in the 21st century. An institution that minds about particular students and empowers them to explore the universe around them. A school that centres more on developing skills than on memorizing content.

At Nova Pioneer, we have effected more than just picture, this future, we are bringing it to life. Nova Pioneer is a pan-African, self-supporting network of schools administering high quality, convenient education from pre-primary into secondary school. Nova Pioneer practices a unique, inquiry-based learning approach that prompts students to ask “why” instead of telling them the “what”.

It enables them to develop their thinking by exploration, research and collaboration. Nova Pioneer currently has 13 institutions in South Africa and Kenya with a vision to start 100 schools and lead tens of thousands of students over the African continent in the following decade.

About the roles:

Key responsibilities for the role include:

  • Administer Lessons under our model 
  • Superintend Exploration of Science lessons 
  • Coordinate Exploration of exercises and projects
  • Liaise with Learning Design on Exploration Resources 
  • Articulate Lesson Plans

Statutory Responsibilities Include;

  • Provide a safe and secure environment for children to feel comfortable.
  • Plan and execute appropriate activities for the children each day according to the curriculum, schemes of work and lesson plans.
  • Provide a variety of materials and resources for children
  • Instruct and monitor students 
  • Organize and lead activities 
  • Prepare materials, classrooms, and other indoor and outdoor spaces

  • Observe and evaluate each child’s progress and provide a written report to the Principal through line manager(s) and other school leaders and parents.
  • Monitor and keep record/ reports of the children’s progress and development.
  • Instruct students individually and in groups, adapting teaching methods to meet students' varying needs and interests.
  • Assimilate arriving children to the school environment by greeting them, helping them remove outerwear, and selecting activities of interest to them.
  • Establish and enforce rules for behaviour, and policies and procedures to maintain order among students.
  • Plan and supervise class projects, field trips, visits by guests, or other experiential activities, and guide students in learning from those activities.
  • Attended professional meetings, educational conferences, and teacher training workshops to maintain and improve professional competence.

  • Help in everyday activities e.g. naptime, bus loading and off-loading, serving and supervising meals, bathroom breaks, play, parent pick-up/drop-off etc.
  • Communication to parents calls and inquiries on Comm logs/diaries, WhatsApp channel and e-mail with the permission by the Dean of Students
  • Chaperone after-school clubs of interest or as allowed.
  • Engage in character building and behaviour management.
  • Aid in Open Days as designated.

About You

Skills and Qualifications required:

  • TSC certification and appropriate Degree in Education.
  • 3+ years of instruction expertise
  • You are an excellent communicator. You can present clear and effective written and verbal information.
  • You are adaptable and open to change – you manage difficulty, complexity and ambiguity well.
  • You are a problem solver – you are proactive in distinguishing concerns and address these completely by making an effort to find suitable solutions.
  • You are passionate about our organizational culture—and in particular, you are fired up to test yourself by encompassing common vulnerability and a firehose of feedback.

How to Apply:

To apply, please complete the application 




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