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Teaching Vacancies at MOHI, Peponi, Windle and Trust Kenya.

Mission of Hope International School, in Kenya is inviting qualified teachers in the following positions. 

Primary School Teaching Vacancies at MOHI

Job Application Requirements.

(i) All interesed applicants must possess at least a P1 Certificate from the National Examination Council of Kenya. 

(ii) Must have been registered by the TSC professional body. 

(iii) Must atleast Proficient in both English & swahili, in speech and in writing. 

(iv) An upper advantage will be given to applicants relevant and longer high school teaching experience. 


Highschool Teaching Vacancies at MOHI

Job Application Requirements.

(i) Degree in education  or at least a Diploma from KNEC. 

(ii) Must be Teachers Service Commission registered

(iii) Must proof Proficient/fluency in English & Kiswahili subjects; both written and spoken.

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(iv) Must be able to showcase his/her relevant high school teaching experience. Note that this will be a great added advantage

Method of Application

Process 1: Fill out this form online – Click Here


ECDE Teacher Job at MOHI.

  • Atleast a ECDE Certificate/Diploma from KNEC
  • Must have a TSC registration number/certificate.
  • Should have experience in CBC training.
  • Experience in ECDE and specifically in the new curriculum. 

  • English & Kiswahili proficiency is a must; bothspoken and written.

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Primary School Headteacher

  • Primary Education Bachelors Degree from a known institution.
  • of 3 years Minimum experience with at one year year in leadership position.
  • Registered with Teachers Service Commision.
  • Excellent skills in coordination, leadership, initiative.
  • Recommendable skills in communication and negotiation.

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15 Graduate High-school Teachers Internship Jobs at Windle Trust, Dadaab.


Windle International School in Kenya is recruiting interns for the new upcoming project in Dadaab. The secondary schools internship teachers will be working in the refugee camps. 

Mathematics and Physics
Biology and Chemistry
English and Literature


  • A bachelor of education degree, a post graduate science degree or an education diploma. 
  • Must be included in the Teachers Service Commission book of registered teachers. Must proof with a TSC identification card or number. 
  • Must have a very good practical knowledge of Microsoft  Word and Excel. 
  • Must be honestly willing to shift and live, work or even travel in insecure environments while complying to strict security guidelines.

Qualified professionals should Submit their application and CV to Windle Trust official website.


Special Education Teachers Vacancies at Windle Trust Kenya, Dadaab 2020


Windle International welcomes all interested teachers to a recruitment exercise for special need teachers (visually impaired) in Dadaab camps for the Refugees. 


  • A degree in Special needs education from a recognized institution. 
  • At least three years high school teaching expirience (disability or visually impaired option). 
  • Produce tangible evidence of TSC registration. 
  • Perfect expirience in of office software (Power Point and excel). 
  • Candidates must be willing and able to work with disabled students, to travel and also to live in less secured areas while adhering to the job's conditions. 
  • Must be a good problem solver, organizer, and indipendantly able to work in difficult environmental situations. 
  • Good commanding of Kiswahili and English languages. 
  • Understandable ability to work with colleagues from different communities and diverse cultures


Dateline: 5th October, 2020


KS 1 or KS 2 Teaching Vacancies at Peponi House School

Teachers Main Responsibilities:


  • Successful candidates will be responsible for the year one, two and three pastoral care. 
  • The teacher will be teaching English subject, humanitarian subjects, mathematics subject, art and design subject, science subject, PSE and Religious Education. 
  • It will be the teachers responsibilities to Plan, prepare and deliver every first lessons of the day.
  • Teachers will be expected to cooperate and coordinate professionally with fellow colleagues, and participate in planning weekly meetings.
  • Successful candidates will be attending to all parents, guardian and meetings for teachers. 
  • The teacher will be in charge of preparing all the students report for the term. 
  • Carrying a formative and required assessment summary, 
  • tracking each puppil progressive records and take all charge in classroom resources.
  • It is expected that the teachers will be helping in the yearly drama festival production. 

All applications will be expected to atleast be submitted not later than  22/ 5/2020. The earlier the better. 

Interested candidates should write to: Ms Karen Kibuko: [email protected]

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