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TSC Distances Itself From BOM Teacher Who Whipped and Injured Student

TSC Distances Itself From BOM Teacher Who Whipped and Injured Student

A Board of Management (BOM) teacher at Nairobi’s Highway Secondary School is on the spot for allegedly whipping and injuring a Form Three student.

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and the Ministry of Education have already been called in to investigate the incident.

According to a Nation report, the Ministry of Education revealed that despite serving on the school’s Board of Management, the tutor is not employed by the Teacher Service Commission (TSC).

The Ministry promised to collaborate with the police to complete the investigations.

If found guilty, the teacher will face criminal charges under Section 13 of the Children’s Act and Article 29 of the Constitution.

“A child shall be entitled to protection from physical and psychological abuse, neglect, and any other form of exploitation, including the sale, trafficking, or abduction by any person.

“Any child who becomes a victim of abuse under subsection (1) is entitled to appropriate treatment and rehabilitation in accordance with the Minister’s regulations “reads a section of the Children’s Act.

Agnes Waithera, the student’s mother, had filed a police report alleging that her son had suffered physical and psychological trauma as a result of the teacher’s brutal beating.

Recounting the events, she stated that on June 20, 2022, she received a phone call from the school principal informing her that her son had been injured and that the staff wanted to take him to the hospital.

Waithera, who had initially agreed to the principal’s request, changed her mind after hearing her son’s pleading voice in the background.

The mother saw the extent of her son’s injuries at the hospital, with signs of flogs and bruises visible on his back.

“My mind was not at ease because I was trying to understand how he screamed outside for help and no one helped,” Waithera stated. 

The Form Three student noted that the incident occurred upon a brief encounter with the said teacher, who was on duty at the time. 

“After supper during preps, I went out to go to the washrooms. Upon reaching the taps, the teacher on duty spotted me and ordered me to come to him. As soon as I did, he pushed me to the ground and then proceeded to beat me with a belt.”

“I asked myself even if I did something wrong, why all those canes. He could have given me few canes but why all those canes,” he claimed.

The school principal, on the other hand, declined to comment on the matter, stating that it is still under investigation.

The police have already questioned both the school and the parent. 


Timon Odingo, the Madaraka Sub County police commander, confirmed that they had received the complaint under O/B number 62/20/6/22 and would work around the clock to complete investigations.

Corporal punishment has recently been the subject of debate, with some advocating for the reintroduction of caning in schools.

Corporal punishment is currently prohibited under the Children’s Act of 2001.

TSC Distances Itself From BOM Teacher Who Whipped and Injured Student



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