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Teachers In Assault Video Case Released On Bond

Teachers In Assault Video Case Released On Bond.

Two teachers from Nyamninia Primary School in Siaya County, who were arrested on charges of assaulting a Standard Eight student, have been released on police bond.

The duo will not know whether they will go to court until Friday after their files have been submitted for review to the Directorate of Public Prosecutions.

After a video of the child with bruises went viral on social media, Mr. Paul Osogo and Ms. Maureen Otieno were arrested and booked at the Gem Police Station.

In the amateur video, the child bemoans the fact that his teachers punished him because he did not receive 400 out of 500 possible points.

“It is better I stay without going to school. The marks that I scored are to the best of my ability. Why must I be beaten when I can’t attain 400 marks? “We are really suffering. There is little food in the school,” the candidate lamented.

Ms. Nereah Anyango, the boy’s mother, told reporters that this was not the first time he had been assaulted by teachers.

She says she was shocked the first time she heard about the heinous punishment that students face in school.

Nereah says her son was stripped naked and caned by the teacher questioning whether candidates must go through hell in order to pass.

She urged the authorities to prosecute the teachers.

“When a child is taken to school, teachers are like the parent and instead of beating him that much, they should be corrected. Teachers are also parents and should help bring them up in the right way not subject them to torture,” said Ms. Nereah.

During a visit to Siaya County on July 23, a day after the video went viral, to inspect junior secondary classrooms in the Bondo sub-county, Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha stated that corporal punishment is illegal in schools and that teachers who use it are on their own.


“The Constitution is very clear that there is no corporal punishment in schools and that is final. Any teacher found doing the contrary will have to face the law,” said Prof Magoha.

“You cannot punish a learner simply because they have not attained some marks that you expect them to score; you don’t expect all the candidates to score 400 in exams.”

Teachers In Assault Video Case Released On Bond



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