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Shortage of Teachers Could Hinder CBC — Kilifi North MP Baya

Shortage of Teachers Could Hinder CBC — Kilifi North MP Baya.

Due to a teacher shortage, the Competency-Based Curriculum may not achieve the desired results.

On Monday, Kilifi North MP Owen Baya stated that the county is disadvantaged due to a lack of teachers to implement the curriculum.

Baya stated that his constituency alone has a teacher shortage of 2,000 while awarding bursaries worth Sh18.8 million to 2,673 students from Kilifi North.

“8-4-4 messed the education system in Kenya. CBC is here to fix it but as a county, we may not get the intended results. Our students may not compete fairly with other regions because we have a big shortage of teachers. To make this a success we need more teachers,” he said.

He urged TSC to send more teachers to Kilifi in order for the county to compete fairly with other regions.

He went on to say that education in the county is more expensive than in other areas because parents are forced to hire more people through boards of management.

Baya stated that a school such as Bahari Girls High School employs ten teachers who are paid by the parents.

“If a national school has such a big deficit what about the extra county schools? The burden of employing these teachers is now pushed to the parents. This should be a wake up call to TSC to employ more teachers in Kilifi,” he added.

In addition, there is a lack of infrastructure in the county to accommodate the junior high school classes.

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TSC Chief Executive Officer Nancy Macharia stated that there has been a staffing shortage since the introduction of the Diploma in Primary Teacher Education (DPTE) last year.

According to the Teachers Service Commission, the country requires 103,000 teachers to address the current shortage and fully implement the Competence-Based Curriculum (CBC) system.

Shortage of Teachers Could Hinder CBC — Kilifi North MP Baya



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