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Ruto Promises To Abolish Delocalization Of Teachers

Ruto Promises To Abolish Delocalization Of Teachers.

The Kenya Kwanza government, if elected on August 9, will scrap the teacher delocalization policy, according to DP William Ruto.

Since its inception in 2018, the Kenya National Union of Teachers and the Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers have been vocal opponents of the delocalization policy.

According to the DP, the program will be replaced with one that recognizes teachers as a national resource.

On Thursday, he spoke at the Kenya Kwanza Education Forum at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

The DP went on to say that his administration will actively support students from underserved areas where teachers are scarce.

He promised to actively provide bursaries and opportunities for people from those areas, including North Eastern, to join teaching institutions and colleges in order to increase the number of teachers from those areas.

According to the Deputy President, this will ensure that the initiative of relocating teachers from other areas to marginalized areas is rewarded.

CBC To Be Reviewed In Ruto's Education Plan
CBC To Be Reviewed In Ruto’s Education Plan

“This will promote the national nature of our teachers so that we can remove the current distress that is facing families and teachers.”

The teacher delocalization program began in January 2018, with major deployments taking place in April, August, and December of that year.

After concerns that the transfers were tearing families apart, TSC CEO Nancy Macharia stated in April 2019 that only teachers married to their colleagues would be spared the transfers.


“In undertaking delocalization, the TSC has a policy regarding what constitutes a teacher’s family. The family refers to a teacher-to-teacher marriage,” Macharia said when appearing before the National Assembly’s Committee on Education on April 17, 2019.

Thousands of teachers and principals have been transferred as a result of the protests.

Former KNUT chairperson Wilson Sossion stated in March this year that if the Kenya Kwanza administration wins the August elections, delocalization would be abolished within three months.

Ruto Promises To Abolish Delocalization Of Teachers



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