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Nakuru ECDE Teachers Employed On Permanent and Pensionable Terms

Nakuru ECDE Teachers Employed On Permanent and Pensionable Terms

Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) has received a boost after Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui presented appointment letters to 305 ECDE teachers as permanent and pensionable employees.

The new recruits join 372 others who were hired earlier this year and assigned to public ECDE centers in Nakuru’s 11 Sub-Counties.

Kinyanjui stated at the County Headquarters in Nakuru town, where he presided over a ceremony to distribute the letters to the teachers, that his administration aimed to place at least two ECDE teachers in each of the county’s public primary schools.

He stated that all ECDE teachers who are absorbed by the devolved unit will benefit from a new service scheme developed by the Department of Education in collaboration with the County Public Service Board, the Ministry of Public Service, the Public Service Commission, and the Teachers Service Commission.

“We want to have a new beginning with the fact that ECDE has been included in the new curriculum. That is why we want to employ the teachers on better terms. It will give them the morale to work,” he added.

Kinyanjui stated that the new terms of service provide better remuneration for ECDE teachers, who have long been underpaid, as well as a clear career progression path.

The governor encouraged teachers to further their academic credentials because the new scheme allows for advancement.

Initially, parents were responsible for paying ECDE teachers who were hired on a contract basis.

The national government delegated management of pre-primary institutions to county governments at the start of devolution.

Kinyanjui observed that a lack of public ECDE centers has given rise to private nursery schools, excluding children from low-income families who cannot afford the fees charged at private institutions.

The governor expressed regret that education standards in some parts of the county had deteriorated due to a lack of access to basic early childhood education and stated that equipping the centers and hiring more teachers would help to solve the problem.

“The ECDE lays the foundation stone of education and if we do not support it, it will definitely affect the school examinations and primary and secondary levels.”

“ECDE is a crucial stage of human development and my administration has been giving it the attention it deserves. Children joining school need a conducive learning environment,” noted Kinyanjui.

He stated that the County Government had built 305 new ECDE classrooms, renovated old ones in all sub-counties, and furnished 708 ECDE classrooms with age-appropriate 17,000 chairs and 2,833 tables over the last four years.

It has also been revealed that Governor Kinyanjui’s administration wishes to establish a program to ensure that children are well fed in order to increase enrolment in the centers.

“We will implement a feeding program in ECDE centers to ensure that students receive nutritious meals, clean water, child-friendly toilets, and hand washing facilities.


“Our goal is to ensure that all students in ECDEs across the county are comfortable in their classrooms, as well as to increase enrolment, he added.

“Survey has shown that our continued investment in the ECDE sector has resulted in an increase in enrolment in our centres as some parents who would previously enroll their children in private centres are now settling for public ones,” he said.

The governor stated that this was one of his pre-election promises, and that the feeding program would be expanded to include porridge with more nutrients needed for growth.

“If you recall, education was one of the key pillars in my manifesto. I pledge to improve and modernize our ECDEs as a way of boosting our early education. I also promised to look at the critical component of human resources,” said the governor.

Nakuru ECDE Teachers Employed On Permanent and Pensionable Terms



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