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Magoha Accuses Principals of Peddling Lies About Government Funding

Magoha encourages the private sector to invest in primary and secondary schools.

Magoha Accuses Principals of Peddling Lies About Government Funding

Cabinet Secretary for Education, George Magoha, has accused some principals of spreading lies about not receiving government funding.

“The noise we are hearing from misinformed principals should be ignored,” he said.

Magoha said yesterday while touring the construction of a resource entrance at Ogande Girls Secondary School in Homa Bay County that the government had disbursed a capitation fund of Sh16.9 billion to schools.

“We disbursed the capitation funds in April but we still hear of some school heads complaining. Those complaining are either politicians or misinformed principals. Let them be truthful and stop such claims,” Magoha said.

Magoha instructed school administrators to use public funds wisely. This, he claims, will ensure value for money and allow students to receive a quality education.

He encouraged private schools and entrepreneurs to invest in junior secondary schools.

According to the CS, this will aid in the smooth implementation of the competency-based curriculum-based competency (CBC) during the transition period.

He stated that adequate classrooms are required for a smooth transition. Private institutions are expected to provide 5,000 classrooms, in addition to the 10,000 classrooms built by the government in public schools.

“The government is not interested in public schools alone. There is no child who is for public or private school. All we want is a smooth transition, “Professor Magoha said.

Magoha, speaking after inspecting junior secondary classes at Kodero Bara Secondary School in Migori County, said the government was almost at its target in the classroom program.

The government has registered 1.28 million grade six students, with the hope that they will attend junior secondary schools.


He urged Kenyans not to politicize the education system, stating that the government is committed to addressing CBVC gaps, including ensuring adequate facilities in learning institutions across the country.

Magoha stated that it is the government’s responsibility to ensure that there is a conducive environment in learning institutions that will allow learners to achieve their dreams.

Magoha Accuses Principals of Peddling Lies About Government Funding



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