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Interns To Battle Out With Other Teachers for TSC Replacement Positions

Interns To Battle Out With Other Teachers for TSC Replacement Positions.

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has allowed intern teachers to apply for the advertised 892 secondary school positions and 2,053 primary school positions announced this week.

Of the total vacancies, 2,053 were designated for primary schools, while 892 were designated for secondary schools.

An advertisement on TSC’s website stated that online applications would begin on Wednesday, January 19, and would end on Tuesday, February 1.

Kiambu (120), Kakamega (104) and Bungoma are the top three counties that will receive a large number (96) teachers.

The county selection process, as well as the completion of employment application forms by successful candidates, is scheduled for Friday, February 11 to Thursday, February 17.

Concurrent vetting for the position of TSC headquarters in Nairobi would take place between Friday, February 18 and Monday, February 21.

On Monday, April 25, successful applicants will be notified and posted to their respective schools.

The Commission assigned a total of 1,995 intern teachers to schools in early January.  In September 2021, the Commission advertised 1,995 teacher internship positions, of which 1,038 were filled.

There were 957 posts for primary schools and 957 posts for secondary schools.  TSC stated that the intern teacher recruitment was in support of the government’s initiative to create a talent pool of young Kenyans for the Kenyan labour market.

“TSC is determined to see that teachers are properly staffed. It is working with the Ministry of Education to ensure enough teachers are provided by recruiting 5,000 teachers every year and also by engaging intern teachers,” reads a section of the policy.

TSC also extended internships for 4,005 teachers whose one-year contracts were set to expire in December 2021. Every year, TSC hires at least 6,000 intern teachers.

Interns in primary schools are paid Kshs. 15,000/= per month, while those in secondary schools are paid Kshs. 20,000/=.

TSC failed to automatically confirm intern teachers in the 2020 recruitment of teachers on permanent terms, instead of awarding them ten marks for serving under internship.

TSC, on the other hand, directed that 30 points be awarded to applicants who provide “evidence of internship service” in the new score sheet it released to guide teacher recruitment in July 2021.

Some teachers continue to question why intern teachers should be given 30 points when they have only been on the job for less than two months.

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TSC used to prohibit intern teachers from applying for permanent and pensionable jobs while still on internship. Teachers were only permitted to apply after their contracts had expired. This, however, has changed.

This week, the Commission announced 2,945 vacancies to replace teachers who leave the service due to natural attrition, including 2,053 primary school positions and 892 secondary school positions.

Interns To Battle Out With Other Teachers for TSC Replacement Positions

Interns To Battle Out With Other Teachers for TSC Replacement Positions.



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