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Government Warning To Schools As Students Reopen

Don’t Send Away Students Because of Unpaid Fees, Magoha Warn School Heads

Government Warning To Schools As Students Reopen

George Magoha, Cabinet Secretary for Education, has directed school principals not to turn away students with outstanding fees when classes resume on Tuesday.

According to Magoha, the government has distributed capitation funds to primary and secondary schools, and the funds will be in schools by the end of the week.

Speaking to the press at the groundbreaking ceremony for Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) classrooms at Kereri Girls on the outskirts of Kisii town, the CS stated that the capitation funds are valuable and that school managers must be able to effectively use them.

“Day schools are 75% of the schools and everything has been paid. There is no way the government can increase the capitation money at this stage in life when we are already giving 25.9% of the budget to the children,” he said.

Despite the rising cost of living, Prof Magoha encouraged parents to return their children to school and pay as much tuition as they could.

The CS stated that the government has imported maize to protect schools from the rising cost of maize and urged politicians not to politicize the issue.

He expressed gratitude to the teachers for ensuring that learning was not disrupted during the Covid-19 period and encouraged them to continue supporting the children’s learning.

Prof Magoha stated that the upcoming General Election should not be used as a catalyst for causing school instability because the school calendar has been greatly impacted by Covid-19.

Concerning the CBC classrooms, the CS stated that the second phase of construction has begun and that the Ministry is committed to delivering 10,000 CBC classrooms before the next government takes office.

“We are also working together with private schools, more so in the urban areas in Nairobi where we have registered over 100 schools that have already converted their primary schools into junior secondary schools,” said Magoha.


He went on to say that the next government has a responsibility to ensure that children have classrooms in which to learn, so they will be expected to continue building classrooms.

The CS stated that CBC is an immediate deliverable to the child by the Ministry of Education because they anticipate a double intake in January and must ensure physical structures are in place as a result.

Prof Magoha also issued 1282 title deeds to Kisii residents during his visit, noting that the recipients are elderly and that the title deeds should be distributed at the sub-county level.

Furthermore, he stated that the Ministry of Lands had improved the processes for issuing title deeds by ensuring that all lands were listed in a Geographic Information System.

The CS stated that there has been land encroachment in schools, particularly in Kisii County, and that the Ministry of Lands has begun recalling titles and issuing new ones to ensure that each school has its own title deed.

Government Warning To Schools As Students Reopen



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