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Board Of Management (BOM) Petition To Ministry Of Education – 2020


The Ministry of Education,


The Parliamentary Education Committee,


County Directors of Education.

6th September, 2020.

Dear sir/madam,


Following the president’s directive to the Treasury and Ministry of Education to expedite the process of releasing funds to pay board of management teachers and support staff on 27th July 2020, the Ministry of Education through Principal Secretary sent a circular to school heads and principals to give data of the said persons. The data was given and verifications done. Chief Administrative Secretary of Education Mr. Zack Kinuthia confirmed the release of the money and asked the teachers to practice patience as the money will be in their pockets soon. The Principal Secretary further wrote to schools on 26th August 2020 confirming the release of the funds, payment of BOM teachers’ guidelines among other issues. Shock fell on the teachers when Education CS Prof. Magoha said that these teachers have been paid when the reality is that no BOM teacher has received a single coin.

 We, the BOM teachers are writing to;

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Demand the BOM teachers’ pay. Whoever is deliberately holding the money for whatever reason to release it and let the teachers have their money.

Request the parliamentary Education Committee to take up the responsibility and help the teachers follow up the matter on behalf of the teachers.

Demand the withdrawal of the statement and apology. It’s a big shame for a CS to lie on a national TV or anywhere else on matters pertaining to the public.

Remind the general public through the ministry to follow the instructions given by physicians relating to covid-19. Safety is important for us all.

We are calling upon the ministry, the leaders, all institutions and individuals to help bring dignity to humanity. Honesty to be practiced by all. As BOM teachers countrywide, we will never forget this and for sure we shall be with who is with us.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Tr. Vincent,

BOM Teachers Representative.

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