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Best Telegram Groups and Channels For Teachers

Best Telegram Groups and Channels For Teachers

Telegram is one of the best social apps with many amazing features that you would not find on most applications if you never knew.

If you have tried it you know what I mean.

In this list, I am going to help you find the best groups and channels that, according to my research, I believe are among the best you will ever find as a teacher, lecturer, or student.


1. Teachers Updates
This is a channel for news, swaps, vacancies, scholarships, events, and free resources.

2. Competency-Based Curriculum
This is a channel for grades 1 to 3 teaching and learning resources.

3. African Teachers
This is a channel for teachers all over Africa. The top educational updates from all African countries are posted daily.

4. Primary School Files
Subscribe to the Primary School Teachers channel for the latest updates, resources, scholarships, events, and swaps.

5. Walimu Swaps
If you are a teacher looking for swaps, swoops, or swops, this is probably the best place to find your swapping match.

6. E-books and Magazines
This is a channel for free novels, magazines, and e-books.

7. Mathematics Files
Probably the best Mathematics channel in Kenya with videos and files for teaching and learning.

8. English Files
This is a center of all English teaching and learning resources in Kenya.

9. Kiswahili Files
For Kiswahili vacancies, events, and teaching and learning resources.

10. Biology Library
A channel network of teachers in Kenya for sharing important Biology academic materials.


11. Chemistry Files

12. Physics Files

13. Geography Files

14. CRE Files

15. History File

16. Computer Files

17. Islamic Religious Education Files

18. Music Files Kenya

19. Home Science Files

20. Teachers of French

21. Agriculture Files

22. Business Studies Library

23. School Games

24. Kenya Gossip

25. Education Blog


1. Walimu Kenya Updates
It is probably the largest teacher group in Kenya. Walimu Kenya Updates has over 15, 000 members. One of the best for accurate, factual, and authentic information.

2. Kenya Primary School Teachers
is a chat group for Kenyan primary school teachers to share resources and any updates regarding primary school teachers.

3. United African Teachers
This is an African Teachers group that is geared towards national cohesion and integration by bringing teachers together. It’s made of teachers from various countries in Africa.

4. Great Mathematicians
A Mathematics Chat Group for Solving Difficult Mathematical Challenges Majorly made up of lecturers and teachers, it’s a rich group in terms of resources and job linkups.

5. Teachers of English Discussion
Made up of teachers of English for learning materials and English discussions.

6. Weledi Wa Lugha
Weledi Wa Lugha is a Kiswahili chat group for teachers, lecturers, and scholars in East Africa. Most of its members are from Kenya and Tanzania.

7.  Biology Discussion Group
This is one of the best platforms for chemistry teachers in Kenya to share, interact, and enlighten each other, to demystify biology as a subject.

8. Chemistry Discussion Group
A Chemistry forum for Kenyan teachers to chat and share information, teaching resources, and skills on chemistry subjects.

9.  Physics Group

10. Christian Religious Education Forum

11. Teachers of History

12. Computer Gurus

13. Islamic Religious Education, Kenya.

14. Teachers of French

15. Teachers of Agriculture

16. Teachers’ Swaps

17. Geography Forum


1. Walimu Bot
This is an amazing bot for High-school and primary materials for learning. If you are a teacher or a student Probably you should try this. You just command the bot and it responds with resources.


Best Telegram Groups and Channels For Teachers




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