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60 Percent Teachers Payrise Is Unreasonable – Magoha

60 Percent Teachers Payrise Is Unreasonable – Magoha.

According to Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha, the government is unable to address teachers’ demands for higher pay.

Magoha, who was commissioning the second phase of classroom construction in Mombasa, stated that the ministry is currently focusing on completing the classrooms prior to the transition to junior secondary school.

“The government is already spending 25.9 percent on education, although I’m not the one in salary docket, the 60 percent of what teachers are asking for is unreasonable,” he said.

The CS stated that the Kenyan economy had deteriorated and that the teachers’ demands could not be met.

He pointed out that having good value for money will solve those problems because the government has already spent enough money on the ministry.

Collins Oyuu, secretary general of Knut, stated on Wednesday that the high cost of living has prompted a rethinking of teacher salaries.

Teachers, according to Oyuu, have demanded a 60% pay increase, which they want to be implemented immediately.

“We have commenced a structured negotiation with the employer to see to it that a 60 percent salary rise is awarded to teachers,” Oyuu said.

Non-monetary benefits included extended paid maternity leave for female teachers and the introduction of paternity leave for male teachers in the 2021-25 CBA.

However, Oyuu believes it is past time for the Salaries and Remuneration Commission to consider raising teacher salaries.


The union stated that there is a need to review teacher promotion policies.

Teachers are currently promoted based on evaluations rather than qualifications.

“It is ironic when one is promoted and then they lose some benefits they really worked hard for,” Oyuu said.

60 Percent Teachers Payrise Is Unreasonable – Magoha



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