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58,000 Teachers to be Recruited Every Year

Ruto promised to eliminate the public school teachers deficit within two fiscal years.

58,000 Teachers to be Recruited Every Year

In a significant effort to alleviate teacher shortages in Kenyan schools, approximately 58,000 teachers will be recruited during the first year of President William Ruto‘s administration in a considerable effort to recruit teachers.

According to the Kenya Kwanza Education Charter, a similar number of tutors will be hired annually to fill the growing tutoring void in public schools.

Ruto promised to eliminate the public school teachers’ deficit within two fiscal years.

“When we establish the government, we will hire 58,000 teachers for each phase to close the deficit,” Ruto added.

So that all kids have access to education, Sh25 billion would be allocated annually for capitation, teacher training, and recruitment, primarily in marginalized areas.

The charter also called for forming a national education fund to collect grants, bursaries, and scholarships from private and public donors to cover non-tuition expenses.

Ruto explains, “In this regard, the Kenya Kwanza administration would endeavor to strengthen day secondary schools in order to guarantee access to quality education and lower education costs.”

Under Free Primary Education (FPE) and Free Day Secondary Education (FDSE), parents currently pay for transportation, meals, uniforms, and boarding expenses.

Under Ruto’s administration, the Competency-Based Curriculum will also be subject to further reviews.

Ruto stated that his government will not eliminate CBC but will improve it by fostering additional contact with parents, teachers, and other stakeholders.

This, according to him, will make the education system accessible to all, affordable, and appropriate for the type of human capital required for economic expansion.

This conversation will focus mostly on achieving universal access and ensuring that our education is relevant so that we can use it to meet the issues of our time.

Ruto asked, “How do we make education much cheaper for the majority, and how do we acquire excellent education so that we don’t have half-baked people?”

In this regard, Kenya Kwanza wants to replace the current knowledge-based academic progression system with alternative class transition criteria.

“We pledge to maintain our active interaction with the public to facilitate the evaluation of the current curriculum and education structure in order to find a long-term solution that captures the essence of a knowledge-based system,” he said.

Ruto vowed to examine it to suit the concerns of parents, teachers, and other education sector stakeholders.

Ruto stated, “As Kenya Kwanza, we support the transition from knowledge- and exam-based education to the new format of knowledge, skills, competence, and value-based education.”

58,000 Teachers to be Recruited Every Year

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