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4 Teachers Commit Suicide In One Nyamira

4 Teachers Commit Suicide In One Nyamira.

Residents in Nyamira are concerned about an increase in suicide incidents by teachers.

Four teachers have committed suicide in the previous month under mysterious circumstances.

The frequency of suicides in the county, according to the area county commander, is disturbing, yet the cases of teachers stand out.

County police commander believes that these occurrences could be linked to despair brought on by the teachers’ difficult economic situation.

The late Benard Momanyi’s burial is still fresh, and people are still comforting his family following his untimely demise.

Bernard, a father of four, worked as a primary school teacher in the area. His demise has saddened his family.

According to police, the crimes could be linked to the current economic situation.

His wife claims that her husband set out his dying preparations just minutes before taking his own life.

His mother believes that money, or the lack thereof, had a major role in her son’s demise.

A family not far from the late Momanyi’s home is likewise mourning the loss of another teacher.

Victor Mongare, a schoolteacher, was recently discovered hanging in his bedroom.

His father blamed his choice to commit himself on the part-time wages he was receiving as an intern teacher.

Many of Nyamira’s teachers union executives concur that the difficult economic conditions are causing despondency among their members.

They claim that some compensation items, such as dwelling allowances, have not been revised since 1996, despite the fact that the cost of living has continued to climb, putting a strain on their small salaries.


According to the teachers union intern teacher at primary school earns 15,000 shillings gross, and a secondary school teacher earns 20,000 shillings gross, which seems insignificant for someone with a family like the late Victor Mongare.

Law enforcement and teachers union officials have begun investigating the instances, which also include the suicide death of another teacher.

Kevin Nyangira, who committed suicide by hanging, was discovered dead on Monday morning.

4 Teachers Commit Suicide In One Nyamira



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