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Teachers were intentionally ignored in the BBI, ECDE national chairman Lawrence Otunga says.


  • The ECDE National Chairman talks of serious issues affecting early childhood teachers that he presented to the BBI Taskforce.
  • He says the task force intentionally ignored teachers as the BBI components are only meant for the political class.

“The BBI report was meant for the political class because our interests as teachers have not been captured in the report and whatever we presented was intentionally left out,” Lawrence said.

Appearing on Morning Cafe at TV47 Kenya, He noted that the BBI was meant for all Kenyans and not only politicians. He noted that the task force took their time collecting views from all counties.

Otunga wondered why the government is wasting billions of money and time to sit with teachers down and listen to their views and later fail to capture them only to realize now that the BBI was not meant for Kenyans but the political class.


“We were trying to ask these people to include us in everything they are doing because there is nothing for us without us (Teachers). How can they keep us with empty promises, then later we realize that whatever we took to their meetings and task force, they fail to capture them intentionally?

A section of teachers has been arguing that their interests have not been captured by the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI). “As the chairman of Early Childhood Teachers, we wanted the employment of these teachers to be transferred to the national government to be under the Teachers Service Commission.” Said the ECDE chairman Lawrence Otunga.

He said according to what they had presented to the task force, they wanted counties to remain with only infrastructural development. “The energy we are now seeing in the BBI components can tell you that whatever we presented was intentionally left out and this thing is only to benefit a few.” He concluded.


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