Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Teachers To Access Medical Treatments For Covid-19 Under Scheme.

Over 320,000 teachers from both primary and secondary institutions will recieve treatment for Covid-19 virus through their medical cover. Teachers Service Commission had a meeting with teachers' health insurer, Minet. 

Yesterday on Wednesday, TSC CEO Nancy Macharia announced that the dependants of teachers will also be treated for the virus under Minet policies.  She said Minet-Kenya will work together with the government in fighting coronavirus by enabling infected members to access treatment services. 

 Majority of insurance companies in Kenya walked away from their clients when it came to Covid-19 treatment even after most of their clients lost jobs due to the virus outbreak. Dr Nancy said more good news are in store, that will support teachers during this difficult time. 

She urged teachers together with their dependents affected by Covid-19 to make their report via *202*07# USSD tool meant for teachers or to make a call through   psychosocial and mental health 0800720029  toll-free line for them to get treatment services via telemedicine. 

TSC had also negotiated drug delivery deal where chronic patients under Minet measures include delivering drugs to registered chronic patients, and hand wash sanitizers delivery to Minet members. One Time Password identification will be used to reduce infection rate through contact. Initially biometric fingerprints were used in identifying members. 

 Nancy Macharia revealed an ongoing plan to introduce eye and face technology of identification in the coming 60 days. TSC records indicate that about Ksh20 Bilion are monthly spent on teachers salary totalling to KSh247.2 billion per annum. 

AON Minet which costed teachers ksh 9,000,000,000 last year is expected to cost 12 billion Kenyan shillings in commission by the end of 2020 and estimated 14 bilion in 2021. 

Medical benefits for for inpatient teachers was increasd to 0.75 – 2.5 million for Group-G category and about 1.06 for Group-R (or D4). Over one million members are registered with AON Minet. Almost a half of its members are children while the rest are spoused and principal members. 

Teachers are privileged to be treated in othe East African countries such as Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. Macharia said guidelines from the ministry of health will help combat Covid-19 with the help of Association of Kenya Insures and Insurance Regulatory Authority. 


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