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Teachers In Upgrade Programme Begin Their Two-Month Teaching Practice

Teachers In Upgrade Programme Begin Their Two-Month Teaching Practice

Thousands of unemployed, trained teachers who returned to school in 2021 as part of an upgrade program have begun their two-month teaching practice camp.

Since October 4, 2021, the teachers have been enrolled in over 30 Teachers Training Colleges (TTCs) after the government advertised for unemployed trained teachers to enroll in the program.

The majority of students are convinced that the one-year training program, which will conclude in November 2022, would offer them an advantage in future teacher recruiting competitions.

Mr. David, who participated in the pilot program, told Wananchi Reporting that the training was difficult.

In July 2021, the Ministry of Education and the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) aimed to upgrade Certificate (ECDE) and Primary Teachers Education (PTE) students to Diploma in Early Childhood Teacher Education (DECTE) and Diploma in Primary Teacher Education (DPTTE) (DPTE).

The Education ministry desired to guarantee that teacher trainees, the majority of whom had P1 certificates, match with the newly implemented Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

The one-year skills upgrading initiative targeted more than 220,000 unemployed teachers with training.

The majority of students who left their teaching positions in various public and private schools to participate in the one-year upgrade program are now optimistic about their employment prospects.

The teachers are now hoping that President William Ruto’s administration will hire all unemployed teachers within two years, as he pledged in his manifesto.

The teaching practice camp is a component of the examination, with students taking a test provided by the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) in July 2021.

Mr. Patrick Otuori, the Dean of Curriculum (DOC) at Borabu Teachers’ Training College, estimates that the teaching practice camp would conclude in November 2022, marking the conclusion of the curriculum.

In an effort to facilitate learning, students were dispatched to neighboring schools to complete their teaching practice camps.

The trained teachers hope that they will stand out in future recruitment because the curriculum has armed them with practical skills.

Teachers In Upgrade Programme Begin Their Two-Month Teaching Practice


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