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Teacher Still Missing After Visiting TSC Offices

Munyao left for Nairobi on Monday, March 22, to visit the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) head offices failed to returned home. His wife, Jane Mwikali has said.

“He woke me up and told me he was ready to leave for Nairobi. We prayed and he left with his academic documents,” said Mwikali.

Munyao left the Machinery stage for Nairobi at around 4:20 am on Monday last week, March 22, and arrived at Machakos Junction at 7:20 am according to his family.

At 7:55 am he was at Nairobi’s Jogoo Road and at 9:30 am he called his wife to let her know that he had arrived and was headed to the TSC office located in Upper Hill.

His wife informed the police that he did not sound distressed at all. She could however not tell whether her husband arrived at the TSC offices or not.

Her attempt to get in touch with her husband 2 hours later failed when his phone switched off.

One week later, Munyao is still missing and his family has expressed concerns with the relaxed manner the police officers from Nairobi’s Central Police Station are handling the matter.

It is reported that on May 15, 2020, the missing teacher was attacked by 4 armed men who ambushed him in the evening as he was closing his business shops.

Luckily he was saved by residents who ran to his rescue. The locals lynched one of the robbers, but the others escaped into the darkness.

Ten months later, the family claims the police are yet to arrest or even identify the robbers in the incident, with some of them suspecting they may have had a hand in Munyao’s predicament.



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