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Teacher Found Dead In Forest After Missing For Two Months

Teacher Jane Waruguru Ngunjiri, a CRE and History  teacher at Angela's Girls Secondary School has been reportedly missing since June 15th, 2020 when it was alleged that she had gone to Town to guarantee a fellow teacher who wanted to access a loan. 

That evening she could not be found on her phone either an incident that made her family report a missing person case to the police. Ndegwa and Madam Jane's family started looking for her everywhere including in police stations and mortuaries but all was in vain. 

Some decided to wait perhaps she could avail herself since she had not conflict with anyone at home while some continued to seach for her. 

Madam Jane, aged 51 years, resided in South C area in Nairobi County together with her husband Ndegwa, aged 20 years and their three children. She was a quiet, respected hardworking woman whose class always ranked top in her school. 

Last Friday, her unrecognizable decomposed body was found in a forest, along a river in Eastern Bypass in Nairobi by the police who later took it to City Mortuary. It was then when her husband Ndegwa was called to find if it was his wife. To his shock, he could firstly recognize her dead wife via her clothes and teeth pattern. 

DNA samples were taken on Monday for the daughter and father as well an an exhaustive postmortem analysis. The body will be released upon the matching of the analysis results. 

Since school closure, Madam Jane spent most of her time at home doing a lot of physical exercises and guiding her 2nd child born in revision of her KCSE exam. Her family said it was a relief to find her as it is closer to moving on but hoped that no one could be going through such hard times especially during this season. 

However, as to who killed her, or how she was killed is a question that her family keep asking themselves even as the police dig deep into the incident of a suspected murder.


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