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Support Teachers in CBC Roll Out, Parents Urged

Support Teachers in CBC Roll Out, Parents Urged

Parents have been tasked with collaborating with teachers to facilitate the successful implementation of the Competency-Based Curriculum.

Antoinette Otieno, deputy head teacher at Homa Bay Primary School, told the press on Tuesday, before to Teachers International Day, that the greatest issue teachers have is that parents do not completely comprehend the new curriculum.

Otieno refuted claims that teachers benefited from the arrangement by requiring students to contribute instructional materials.

She stated that the government does not cover all educational demands, thus parents must share a portion of the responsibility.

“Teachers are not out to benefit when we send pupils to go for curriculum needs please provide them. Those are all for learning purposes and teachers are not taking advantage of the situation,” she said.

The educator stated that the new curriculum emphasizes teamwork and therefore requires parental assistance in mentoring the students.

Education requires three pillars for success: instructors, parents, and students. Otieno stated, “Everyone has a role and so we should try as much as we can to fulfill our roles and responsibilities,” Otieno said.

She added that instructors are appreciative of TSC’s assistance and that their relationship with the agency has improved, resulting in an excellent working relationship.

Nancy Inda Ajuoga, the curriculum director at Homa Bay Primary School, pleaded with the TSC to expedite the promotion of qualified teachers.

“Teachers are working really hard with the heavy workload. I am requesting the TSC to consider salary increments to motivate teachers,” she said.

The teachers reported that they were well-prepared for both the Grade 6 and Grade 8 national tests.

“Despite the short-term dates, teachers are going above and beyond to guarantee that students are prepared to take the exam towards the end of November,” Otieno remarked.

This year, Homa Bay Primary School has 345 students, with 170 in Grade 6 and 175 in Grade 8.

Support Teachers in CBC Roll Out, Parents Urged


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