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Students Warned Against Burning Schools

Schoolgirls challenged to focus on studies and avoid illicit relationships.

Students Warned Against Burning Schools.

Evans Achoki, the Eastern Regional Commissioner (RC), has warned students against burning schools whenever they have grievances with the school administration.

Mr. Achoki reminded students that the government has made significant investments in school infrastructure in order to provide a conducive learning environment.

“Don’t burn our classrooms even if you have a problem or issues with the school administration because it cost the government a lot of money to construct the classrooms,” Achoki said.

He spoke on Thursday at the commissioning of a Competency Based Classrooms (CBC) unit at AIC Kinyuani Mixed Secondary and Kaumoni Boys schools in Makueni County.

The RC urged students to abstain from the vice because the school infrastructure will be used by future generations, including their young brothers and sisters, especially under the CBC curriculum.

“Kindly spare our classrooms, our administration together with the school management is ready to listen and solve your problems whenever they arise, “added Achoki.

The administrator challenged the girls to focus on their studies and avoid engaging in illicit relationships, which could lead to pregnancy and, as a result, dropping out of school.

“We don’t want any girl to drop out of school but we expect them to study up to university since the government has built many institutions for them to acquire knowledge,” said the administrator.

He urged the students to be patriotic and peace-loving citizens, stating that they have a bright future ahead of them.

“This is our country, we must love and build it for our children tomorrow. It is you to build it and you cannot do that unless you are in love with your country,” he noted.


Dr. William Sugut, Regional Director of Education, stated that the government has built 250 competency-based classrooms throughout the region.

His regional security committee, county commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo, and county security members, among other government officials, accompanied the RC.

Students Warned Against Burning Schools



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