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Students Set For 4 Terms and 5 National Examinations In 2022 packed calendar.

Students Set For 4 Terms and 5 National Examinations In 2022 packed calendar.

Schools reopen tomorrow for the third term of the school year, which is jam-packed with academic activities, including five national examinations.

There will be four terms in the crammed academic calendar.

Throughout the week, parents were busy preparing their children to return to school after a one-week break, while the majority of them complained about the fee burden.

Some parents were required to purchase new uniforms for their children, while others, particularly those enrolled in private and boarding schools, were required to pay exorbitant fees.

This year, there will be five national examinations for students in Grade 6, Standard 8, and Form 4.

The pioneer class for the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC), which is currently in Grade 5, will also transition to Grade 6 in July and take their first national assessment in November and December.

The regular school calendar is expected to resume in January 2023, following a two-year marathon in which schools attempt to recover from the ‘lost year’ caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has assured schools and parents that all reopening plans have been completed in time for the new school year.

The CS assured the country that, despite the fact that this is an election year, with a new government expected in September, the national examinations would be held as scheduled.

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Nancy Macharia, CEO of the Teachers Service Commission, challenged principals to find solutions to exam phobia, which has been blamed for school unrest in the past.

She also cautioned teachers against assisting with exam cheating.

Grade Six will be introduced in July, and the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) is nearing completion of its plans to begin distributing books to schools.

The Kenya National Examinations Council has already piloted the Grade Six final national exams, which will account for 40 marks (Knec). The remaining 60 points will have been earned through continuous assessments in Grades Three, Four, and Five.

During the strategic plan launch, Knec chief executive David Njengere stated that the council is prepared to deliver credible national examinations this year.

The reopening comes at a time when over 50 schools have yet to be renovated after being burned down by students during unrest.

Parents have since been directed to pay up to Sh5,000 for infrastructure repairs at the schools involved.

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Students at some schools, including Maranda High, will be required to take drug tests, a move supported by the CS.

Prof. Magoha has warned students not to get involved in criminal activities.

He requested that no student with a criminal record be readmitted for the third term.

“Those engaging in homosexuality and lesbianism should also be removed from boarding schools and taken to day schools closer to their homes,” said Prof Magoha.

Students Set For 4 Terms and 5 National Examinations In 2022 packed calendar.

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