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Pupil Drowns In Front Of Schoolmates In Suspected Suicide

Pupil Drowns In Front Of Schoolmates In Suspected Suicide.

Tuiyotich Village erupted in screams after Joy Chepkoech’s Ng’etich, a 15-year-old Class 7 student at Ngendaptich Primary School, immersed herself into Lake Solai in Nakuru in front of her classmates.

She had arrived in class at 6 a.m., dressed in her home clothes, on the morning she decided to take her own life.

Her colleagues were skeptical because she had never done anything like this before.

They advised her to go home and change into her school uniform because the school was not far from where she lived with her aunt.

It is unknown what took Joy’s joy away, but a few minutes after she left her class, the teacher was called and informed that she had thrown herself into Lake Solai.

Senior Chief Mark Mogotio, said the incident happened in an instant, shocking everyone.

According to Mr. Mogotio, the lake is very close to the school and has extended and consumed a portion of the school’s playground since last year when the Rift Valley lakes were swollen.

“We immediately launched an operation to try to save her. We contacted local divers, but they were unable to save her. “It took seven hours for her body to be discovered stuck in a rock deep within the waters,” Mr Mogotio told Nation.

“We reached out to local divers but they could not save her. It took seven hours before her body was found stuck in a rock inside the waters,” Mr Mogotio told Nation.

According to the Senior Chief, three years ago, two students from the same school slipped and fell in the lake while playing and were rescued by teachers before drowning.

He claimed that efforts to secure funding from the Ministry of Education and the County government to fence the school had failed.

Johana Rotich, the teenager’s uncle, stated that Joy vanished from home on Monday at 8 p.m., moments after preparing dinner, and never returned.

He claimed that the family searched for her in vain and that the teachers only called them on Tuesday morning to inform them that she had drowned in the lake.

Rotich stated that Chepkoech was discovered by her classmates in school while dressed in civilian clothes, and when interrogated, she began to cry and walked out before jumping into the lake.

Mr Rotich claims that his brother has been living with Chepkoech since she was seven years old because her parents, who live in Eldama Ravine, couldn’t afford to send her to school.


He stated that Chepkoech was enrolled at the school and had been there since class one, describing her as a bright and focused student.

Vivian Chesang Rotich, the girl’s aunt and guardian, watched in disbelief from a distance as the girl’s body was retrieved and moved to the Nakuru City mortuary.

Pupil Drowns In Front Of Schoolmates In Suspected Suicide



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