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Meet 30-year-old Grade Three Pupil At Same School With His Son

Meet 30-year-old Grade Three Pupil At Same School With His Son.

When Isaac Chol, a South Sudanese, arrived at the head teacher’s office at Sosiani Primary School in Eldoret town with his son, John Majuk, Nicholas Kosgey, the headmaster, assumed the father was there to encourage his son.

Both were dressed in school uniforms, but one appeared to be too old to be a student.

The 30-year-old is also thirsty for education, having missed out on school due to war in the Northern Bahr el Ghazal region of South Sudan, where he was born.

With the assistance of a translator, the father of three, who arrived in the country two months ago, stated that he wanted to accompany his firstborn on the academic journey.

He says it was nearly impossible not only for him but for all children in that region, to attend school.  The situation remains unchanged. In fact, schools, as well as many other institutions, are non-functional. 

When the conflict became unbearable, he fled to Uganda with his family and left everything behind, including properties.

Meet 30-year-old Grade Three Pupil At Same School With His Son
Isaac Chol with his son John Majuk

Mr. Chol was in his early twenties and married with a baby, Ajak, when he left his troubled country.

His life in Uganda, where his other two children were born became difficult forcing them to relocate to Nairobi, where they have been staying with relatives for some time.

Back home, they relied on breeding livestock, which they inherited from their parents. That was their fortune and he says things are different now.  That is why I have decided to go to school,” he said.

Mr. Chol joined Grade Three, while his six-year-old son entered PP1.

Kosgey explained that though this is a unique situation, there are 115 South Sudanese students in that school, and their stories are similar to Chol and Ajak’s.

The school is doing everything possible to make foreign students feel at ease, particularly those from troubled backgrounds.

Eunice Koech, Mr. Chol’s new teacher, has stated that she will do everything she can to assist him.

Eunice Koech, Mr. Chol’s new teacher, said she will do everything she can to help him catch up with the rest of the students.

“I have a number of South Sudanese pupils in my class and they are doing well. Chol too will be just fine.” She told the Standard.

Mr. Chol relocated from Nairobi after discovering that he had many relatives there.


And, with the assistance of a cousin in the United States, he found an old family friend who lives in Elgon View Estate, not far from the school, and who accommodated them.

Chol’s wife is in Nairobi caring for his two children with the assistance of his father, who he said appears to want to return to Southern Sudan to reunite with his kin.

Meet 30-year-old Grade Three Pupil At Same School With His Son



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