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Kenya Offers Advice to Students In Ukraine

Kenya Offers Advice to Students In Ukraine.

Following Russia’s invasion of the European country, Kenya has issued an advisory to its citizens and students who are still in Ukraine.

The Kenyan Embassy in Ukraine stated in a statement to newsrooms on Friday, February 25, that it is monitoring the situation in both Ukraine and Russia before taking action.

Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Macharia Kamau, on the other hand, advised Kenyans stranded in Ukraine to leave at their leisure.

“Kenyans have been advised that if they do not feel comfortable they should leave of their own free will. They need to judge the circumstances and decide. Only parts of the country are affected by warfare,” Macharia told a local publication.

According to reports, the Kenya Honorary Consulate in Ukraine has 18 Kenyans who are permanently registered in the country and 183 who are only visiting.
The vast majority of those are students furthering their education.

The warning comes after the Ukrainian ambassador to Kenya, Andrii Pravednyk, issued a statement on Thursday, February 24, pleading with world leaders to assist in combating Russia’s offensive.

“Our partners should immediately enact a package of new sanctions. We also call on friendly capitals to continue to strengthen Ukraine’s defense capabilities by providing additional weapons and military equipment,” he stated.

Kenya Offers Advice to Students In Ukrain.
Kenya Offers Advice to Students In Ukraine.

According to international media outlets, Russia launched a full-fledged military attack on Ukraine, employing missiles and other air strikes.

Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, told the media on Friday, February 25, that 137 people, both servicemen and civilians, had been killed and hundreds more had been injured.

On the other hand, Russian President Vladimir Putin argued that he needed to protect its citizens in the disputed territory area of Eastern Ukraine.

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Kenya, among other countries, has advocated for peaceful conflict resolution between the two countries. Martin Kimani, Kenya’s Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), referred to how most African countries resolved territorial disputes, advising Russia and Ukraine to follow suit.

So far, world leaders, led by US President Joe Biden, have threatened Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government with sanctions for invading Ukraine’s territory.

African Students Stranded In Ukraine As Russia Invades The Country.
African Students Stranded In Ukraine As Russia Invades The Country.

Kenya Offers Advice to Students In Ukraine.



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