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Form One Reports To School With Ksh.50, Bible and 4 Exercise Books

Form One Reports To School With Ksh.50, Bible and 4 Exercise Books

An eager young 16-year-old boy surprised his mother by enrolling at Orero Boys High School with only Sh50.

Joseph Odhiambo, who scored 364 points in the 2021 KCPE exam, defied his mother and left Kasipul for the school in Rangwe constituency, 40 kilometers away, on Thursday.

Four exercise books and an old bible were in his bag.

“My grandmother gave me her bible and a hymn book. I bought the biro pen at Sh10, while one of the teachers bought me a mathematical set during KCPE exam,” Odhiambo said.

The student was the top performer at Mawira Primary School in the Kasipul constituency. Orero Boys High School was assigned to him.

His mother, on the other hand, had informed him that they did not have the necessary funds.

However, his mother informed him that they did not have enough money for fees and that he would not be able to continue his education.

His attendance at a day secondary school was their last resort.

“I don’t know where my father is because he left home in 2019 and has not come back. I have been with my mother but she can’t afford my secondary education,” Odhiambo said.

He stated that he defied his mother by enrolling in Orero Boys because it is his preferred school. Odhiambo aspires to be a human rights lawyer.

As a way of denying him the opportunity, his mother had refused to download his calling letter.

Odhiambo, on the other hand, raised Sh400 by weeding people’s farms on Wednesday morning. He then bought a pair of socks for Sh100 and spent Sh250 on a motorbike that took him to school.

“I appeal for any well-wishers to help me achieve my dream. I don’t have anything at home to help me pursue my education,” the boy said.

Odhiambo’s mother lacks a stable job. To make ends meet, she does odd jobs like weeding people’s farms and washing clothes.

The learner arrived at Orero High School without fees or a uniform, according to principal Dickens Bula.

He stated that he was able to confirm the student received a calling letter from the school.

“The boy is truly needy and should be assisted to pursue his education. I have confirmed with his primary headteacher,” Bula said.

Orero’s management asked well-wishers to contribute to the boy’s education.

Form One Reports To School With Ksh.50, Bible and 4 Exercise Books



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