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FGM Decline But Child Defilement, Sexual Harassment Still Prevalent

Judiciary vowing to expedite all child abuse cases in court

FGM Decline But Child Defilement, Sexual Harassment Still Prevalent

According to Narok Resident Magistrate Adelaide Sisenda, the fight against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is underway in Narok County, with the judiciary vowing to expedite all cases in court to ensure the perpetrators are punished in accordance with the law.

Speaking at the National Day of the African Child celebration at Elangata Wuas Primary School in Kajiado, Matheka said that while court statistics indicated a decline in Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), more needed to be done to combat defilement and sexual harassment cases that were still prevalent in the country.

Matheka echoed Maa community spokesperson Mrs. Naimpei Koikai’s admission that FGM has declined significantly in Kajiado, but that some revelations, including those involving sexual offenses, needed to be brought to light.

“It is a worrying trend that if a girl doesn’t undergo FGM, they are exposed to defilement and sexual harassment, a social practice which needs to be addressed,” said Matheka.

She stated that during the most recent meeting with school children on Monday, June 13 with the Chief Justice and children in Nairobi, they were bombarded with questions, 60% of which were about defilement and sexual offenses.

Embu’s Department of Children Services has stepped up its campaign against all forms of child abuse, raising awareness about how to prevent and report abuse cases.

Develyne Mundi, County Children Services Co-ordinator, said cases of child abuse in the form of neglect, child labor, defilement, and female genital mutilation were still prevalent in the area, requiring a paradigm shift to end them.


At the International Day of the African Child celebrations at ACK St. Michaels Church in Makutano Town, Mbeere South Constituency, Mundi said that the previous approach of sensitizing parents and caregivers had not been very effective.

He stated that some harmful cultural practices, such as FGM, were being practiced, with families devising new ways of sending teenage girls to neighboring counties for the cut under the guise of a visit to relatives.

FGM Decline But Child Defilement, Sexual Harassment Still Prevalent



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