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A student goes missing in school in Kirinyaga.

A student goes missing in school in Kirinyaga.


  • Vincent Waruhio was scheduled to take his KCSE exams this month, but he went missing without a trace just days before the exams.
  • On Saturday, February 27, his parents learned of Waruhio’s disappearance from Kianyaga High School.
  • A few weeks ago, the young student called his parents, pleading for prayers and expressing concern for his safety.

Parents of a Kianyaga High School Form Four student are distraught after their son vanished from the boarding school. This comes just days before the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.

Vincent Waruhio vanished from his secondary school in Kirinyaga last week. Yet the school did not inform his parents of his disappearance until Saturday, February 27.

According to Watoto Wasome advocate Ndungu Nyoro, the deputy principal informed Waruhio’s father that his son was not in school.

The distraught father arrived at school early Monday morning, but the school administration was unable to explain why the Form Four candidate had gone missing.

A student goes missing in school in Kirinyaga.
Vincent Waruhio, the missing student.

“The school promised to contact him once they had a better idea of where he might be. On his way back home, he considered reporting the incident to the nearby Kianyaga police station. The officers were taken aback that the school had not reported such a serious incident “Nyoro stated.

He returned to school the next day, but no information about the young man’s whereabouts was provided. Waruhio’s final phone call to his parents Waruhio’s father recalls his son calling his mother two weeks ago to ask for prayers because he was suffering from a severe stomachache.

The young student claimed that his stomachache was caused by a piece of cake that he was forced to eat by a group of boys.


Waruhio expressed concern that they were out to harm him. His father raised this issue with the school as well. He requested that his teacher be moved from his class, but it is unclear whether the administration heeded his request.

“A question was posed to the boy’s best friend about him. He could only remember the day he left him in bed with stomach pains. So, where is the boy? Is he alive? Is he safe?” posed the Watoto Wasome advocate.



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