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300 Students Fall Sick In Suspected Food Poisoning

300 Students Fall Sick In Suspected Food Poisoning.

At least 300 students from Bomet County’s Kamaget Secondary School became ill in what is suspected to be food poisoning.

On Friday evening, the students complained of stomach aches and were rushed to local hospitals for treatment.

The students were initially taken to the nearby Siongiroi health centre, where 148 of them were referred to the Sigor sub-county hospital.

The incident was confirmed by Dr Joseph Sitonik, the Bomet County Executive in charge of Medical Services and Public Health, who said the affected students were being treated at Longisa sub-county hospital, Tenwek hospital, Sigor sub-county hospital, and Siongiroi health centre.

“We have 48 students undergoing treatment at Sigor sub-county hospital, 30 at Longisa county referral hospital and another 20 at Tenwek hospital,” said Dr Sitonik.

Another 70 students who were being monitored at the Siongiroi health center have been released and are being treated as outpatients.

Earlier, several other students were treated and discharged from the health center, bringing the total number of affected cases in the day mixed and boarding school to 300.

The majority of the students who were affected had stomach upsets and were diagnosed with a high fever at the health facilities to which they were taken.

It is suspected that the students were fed contaminated food because the institution celebrated the handover of a newly constructed hall to the institution on Thursday.

“The cause of the infection is under investigation with samples taken to the government chemist for analysis.

“Initially, there were claims the learners may have drunk contaminated water, but initial investigations have ruled that out,” said Dr Sitonik.

Parents complained that drugs were scarce in government hospitals, and victims were transported on motorcycles, school buses, and public service vehicles.

300 Students Fall Sick In Suspected Food Poisoning



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