Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Students Flee From School Following An Attack By Alleged Rowdy Students Disguising As Al-Shabaab Terror Group 


  • At Least 190 Students Have Been Reported To Have Fled From St. Paul Gatuanyaga Secondary School Following A Night Attack By Alleged Rowdy Students Who Disguised Themselves As “Al-Shabaab Terror Group”.
  • The Incident Has Now Seen The Police And Parents Now Calling On The Ministry Of Education To Step Up And Investigate The Incident As The School Management Is Alleged To Be Pale About The Whole Situation.

Cases of and discipline continue being the order of the day in schools with little being done to cut the untamed situation. From learners brutality to school fires and are the latest incidents seeing bullying of learners in schools.


At ST Paul Gatuanyaga Secondary School, at least 190 students were forced to flee the night with some of the students nursing injuries at home and hospitals. The incident alleged to have occurred after what is termed as an attack from their fellow learners. While for the parents blaming the school management of failing to enact the truth behind the chaos.

Some students informed their parents that petrol had been seen in the school compound and plans were underway to burn the school into ashes, with some afraid of going back and continuing with their studies.

“Shuleni wanatuambia usiku wanakutwa na watu wamejifunga zile vitu zinafungangwa na Al-Shabaab na ni wanafunzi wenzao lakini hawawajui. Wanachapwa na machuma ya vitanda, mabao na mawe.” Expalined one parent at the school.

However, police say that one student allegedly accused of breaking window pens was arrested but released after the school failed to record their statement.

The parents are now calling upon the education cabinet secretary George Magoha to visit the school and establish the truth about the ugly incident.


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