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Standard Seven Girl Kills Herself With Lesso

Standard Seven Girl Kills Herself With Lesso

Residents of Maranga, Embu County, were shocked after a 15-year-old girl committed suicide.

Murugi Muriithi, a 15-year-old Standard Seven student, was discovered hanging from her bedroom ceiling on Monday afternoon. She killed herself with a lesso.

It was not immediately clear why the learner, who was living with her aunt, committed suicide. She did not leave any sort of suicide note.

However, the child was suspected of being depressed.

According to area Chief Charles Irungu, the girl’s parents had divorced.

Mr Irungu advised children to seek the assistance of administrators and church leaders rather than committing suicide.

Residents were perplexed by the girl’s actions.

“We are still in shock following the death of the young schoolgirl,” said Consolata Wanja.

She stated that the girl had fled her parents’ home in Gitare village and was living with her aunt in nearby Maranga.

“When the girl’s parents parted ways, she escaped and had been living with her aunt,” Ms Wanja said.

Ms Wanja went on to say that the aunt was on her farm at the time of the incident.

“The pupil was working on the farm with her aunt when she excused herself and returned to the house, saying she had unfinished homework,” Ms Wanja said.

Her body was discovered by her friends, who had gone to see her because it was a holiday on Monday.

“Other children from the area raised the alarm when they saw their colleague’s lifeless body dangling from the ceiling, drawing the attention of villagers,” Ms Wanja said.

Ms Njeru described the girl as humble and obedient, and she couldn’t understand why she made such a difficult choice.

As police began investigating the incident, the girl’s body was taken to the Tenri Hospital mortuary.

According to the KNHCR, research has shown that structural determinants of mental ill-health such as extreme poverty, lack of access to empowerment opportunities, and discrimination increase the likelihood of individuals committing suicide.

“Unfortunately, suicide prevention measures in Kenya have often failed to address these root causes and instead incorporated fewer effective approaches, including punitive measures.”

According to World Bank data, the suicide rate in Kenya is 6.1 people per 100,000, with men having the highest risk, with 9.1 men per 100,000 affected.

The criminalization of attempted suicide, according to the KNCHR report, hampered efforts to address the root causes of suicide.

Section 226 of Kenya’s penal code states that “anyone who attempts to kill himself [sic] is guilty of a misdemeanor,” which the human rights organization compared to “re-victimization of already vulnerable victims” while putting those who are already socially and economically vulnerable at a disadvantage.

Every year, 703, 000 people commit suicide around the world, with the WHO reporting that suicide was the fourth leading cause of death among 15-to 29-year-olds in 2019.

Poor data, a lack of awareness of suicide as a major public health issue, and the taboo in many societies around openly discussing suicide were cited by the WHO as barriers to combating the problem.

Standard Seven Girl Kills Herself With Lesso


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