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Stakeholders Want Ministry of University Education Formed

Stakeholders Want Ministry of University Education Formed

The Vice Chancellors of public universities have requested that President William Ruto establish a Ministry of University Education to oversee the country’s higher education industry.

They claim that a ministry dealing directly with university institutions is required to end micromanagement.

The vice-chancellors and principals of various university constituent colleges want the government to establish a task group to investigate difficulties plaguing higher education in the nation.

Since the president is no longer chancellor of all public universities, they claim, a university education no longer receives the same priority from the government.

Additionally, the university leaders discussed ways to encourage researchers to commercialize their inventions.

Simon Nabkwesi, the principal secretary for university education and research, stated that the ministry is debating how to ensure that graduates get employment upon completion of their studies.

The PS stated that the VC and the principals will submit President Ruto with a report outlining their ideas to strengthen university education in the country.

Regarding funding, Nabkwesi stated that colleges should be encouraged to develop creative revenue-generating strategies to augment what they receive from the government.

They spoke at the inaugural international annual conference for chairpersons of public university councils, vice-chancellors, and presidents of constituent universities.

One of the goals of the meeting, according to Nabukwesi, is to examine the education system and ensure that students have access to high-quality education and can adapt to developing developments.

The PS stated that the conference will assist the deans in developing and communicating their vision for governance, legislation, and other rules that promote public university education.

Prof. Aduol proposed that the dons should revise the rules governing universities, but until task forces investigate and provide recommendations, they must wait.

He suggested that a task force be formed to examine the rules and laws that govern universities in the country.

Stakeholders Want Ministry of University Education Formed


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