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Sports Calendar For Schools Released

Sports Calendar For Schools Released

The sports calendar for primary and secondary schools has been released by the Ministry of Education.

Games will resume next month, according to a circular written by administration secretary Andrew Rukaria on behalf of the Principal Secretary.

“It has been resolved that in term one 2022 the primary and secondary schools compete at all levels,” the circular reads.

The June 22 circular was sent to all regional county directors, county directors, and sub-county directors in the education sector.

The ministry ordered the suspension of all co-curricular activities at the start of COVID-19.

Despite announcing last year that the games would resume, the ministry has yet to release a timetable.

“This will allow qualifying athletes to participate in the world under 20 trials,” the circular added.

The ministry has directed that activities resume gradually and in three institutions.

Kigari TTC will host primary and secondary school athletics from July 2 to July 4, and from July 3 to July 7, respectively.

“Secondary and primary schools special needs education games will take place at Machakos TTC from July,2 to July, 4. Regional games will take place on June,30,” the circular reads.

As the games progress, the ministry has issued a set of guidelines to be followed in order to prevent the spread of COVID 19.


“Incorporation of a medical officer from the ministry of health and the number of participants will be limited to 20,” the circular reads.

School administrators have also been advised to use the fewest number of officials and competition days possible.

Sports Calendar For Schools Released


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