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Sossion warns TSC over teachers Salaries and move to scrap Bachelor of Education degree

KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion has accused the government of forcing the giant teachers union into fresh elections in order to fill the positions with its hand-picked officials.

Speaking after the meeting, KNUT delegates drawn from western and southwest regions, the nominated ODM Member of Parliament (MP) vowed to wade off any quote-unquote coup attempt by the government.

“I now want to state as follows, there will be an in-person election of KNUT called by the secretary-general, none other than myself, Wilson Sossion. Wale wanakaa kando wakipangwa na serikali shauri yenu. 

“We shall call an ADC, the delegates will come, they will conduct their elections peacefully. And we are telling the government and TSC in the strongest terms possible, keep off elections of KNUT.

Sossion sent a warning to TSC saying that the teachers union will not be killed under any circumstance adding that they are fighting to have the teachers register back.

Speaking to teachers from the western region in Kakamega county Sossion argued that their current CBA 2017-2021 ends in July 2021 putting teachers in a precarious situation.

The TSC has not invited teachers for negotiations with fears that the government is facing a shortage of funds SRC has recommended to the treasury that 32 billion must be availed by the government so that teachers can earn better salaries from the first of July with a good CBA.

And I’m telling the teachers of Kenya, this is a bunch of traitors who want to sell away your 32 billion. I will deliver the CBA and that 32 billion as recommended by the SRC.

Sossion hit at the ministry of education over the plans to scrape the bachelor of education degree through which thousands have trained to become teachers.

The TSC wants Kenyan universities to scrape the course as part of reforms to align teacher training to the competency-based curriculum (CBC).

“Taking teachers to do general courses then, later on, admit them to prepare will lead to development of poor teachers in this country. Therefore we condemn in the strongest terms possible the unilateral policies being pronounced by TSC every day including this one of training

of teachers.



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