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Shamberere TTI Opens Agribusiness and Technological Center

Shamberere TTI Opens Agribusiness and Technological Center.

The Shambere Technical Training Institute has launched the Job Door for the Youth (Joy) project, which aims to train youths in agribusiness while preparing them for employment through Integrated Agribusiness Hubs.

Shamberere, a Procasur project, is collaborating with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the International Labour Organization (ILO), and the Ustadi Foundation.

The institute is establishing an Agribusiness and Technological Centre to support project activities and ensure the sustainability and continuity of joy project activities.

Judith Akaranga, the Institute’s Principal, stated that the Institute is committed to forming partnerships in various projects through science, technology, research, and innovation, with the Joy project being one of them.

Ms. Akaranga stated during the 2nd Graduation ceremony that the TTI, which is now a center of excellence in Mechanical Engineering, has seen an increase in graduates from 530 in 2017 to the current cohort of 819 graduates.

Shamberere, which began as a rural education program in 1982, was elevated to a youth polytechnic in 1995 and then to a trade test center in 1996.

It was then promoted to a Technical Training Institute in 2009, with a current enrollment of 2100 trainees.

The Institute, according to the Principal, has mentored two Vocational Training Centres in Lugari: Kongoni Technical and Vocational College and Chevaywa Technical Training Institute.

The Institute is one of 63 polytechnics in Kakamega, an increase from 28 in 2013.

Doreen Amora, the county government’s chief officer in charge of education, stated that the county government is building four new polytechnics to meet the target of one polytechnic per ward.

She stated that the county government recently purchased and outfitted polytechnics with modern tools and equipment for a total of Sh40 million.

“The county government gives each trainee a capitation of Sh. 15000 per year which has led to increasing in enrolment from 2158 trainees in 2013 to 10 000,” she noted.

The national government, through the state Department of Vocational and Technical Training, is working to establish at least one National Polytechnic in each county.

To support skill-based training across the country, the government has invested over Sh10.6 billion in the TVET sector.


Despite massive infrastructure investment in the sector, some members of the general public still regard TVET as unappealing and reserved for students who were unable to enroll in the university.

The government, on the other hand, has begun branding TVET through TVET skill competitions such as robotics, product manufacturing, TVET Fair competitions, music, drama, and TVET games and sports.

Shamberere TTI Opens Agribusiness and Technological Center


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