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Secondary Student Arrested With Stolen Phones, TVs, Police Uniforms

Secondary Student Arrested With Stolen Phones, TVs, Police Uniforms

Along with two other suspects, a Form Four student at Bukosia Secondary School in Busia County was detained for alleged involvement in theft and smoking bhang.

According to Busia County Police Commander Maxwell Nyaema, the three suspects were apprehended on Thursday on the outskirts of Busia town after being found in possession of stolen things including televisions, mobile phones, police uniforms, a dagger, a laptop, a panga, and several types of alcohol.

He stated that police would increase patrols to combat nighttime crimes, particularly robberies and burglaries.

The accused are currently being held at the Busia Police Station for their arraignment.

Earlier, members of the clergy in Busia had met with County Commissioner Sam Ojwang to discuss escalating crime rates.

Pokot bandits injure two schoolboys in Kainuk

Pokot bandits injure two schoolboys in Kainuk. Three Students, Herder Killed In Kerio Valley Bandit Attack. Student Survivors Recount Last Minutes Before Bandits Attack
Pokot bandits injure two schoolboys in Kainuk

Armed Pokot bandits harmed two students at the Philadelphia Primary School in Kainuk, Pokot, so that they may graze animals on the school grounds.

Turkana authorities, led by Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai, have denounced the attack on two students in Kainuk by alleged West Pokot Pokot bandits.

Minority Leader and Lokichar MCA Samuel Lomodo stated that the recent wave of attacks was no longer a case of cattle rustling, but rather an expansionist move by those interested in mineral riches in Turkana.

Police chief of Turkana, Samuel Ndanyi, confirmed Wednesday’s shootings in the south of Turkana.

According to him, more security personnel have been deployed.

Lomorukai condemned the assault against defenseless youngsters.

He questioned why security guards took so long to respond when they were stationed less than one kilometer from the school.

“The suspected Pokot bandits came and attacked our innocent children. No response was taken against the culprits until today morning a when few police officers shot at the militia who ran away but left their livestock at the school compound,” the governor said.

Lomorukai requested the federal government to apprehend the financiers of raids and fulfill its constitutional obligation to safeguard the people and their property.

Despite the leadership of Turkana’s efforts, including a meeting with security players in Nairobi, he deplored the fact that tensions were high throughout the entire county due to insecurity.

He encouraged the government to expedite the distribution of firearms to the newly enlisted National Police Reserves in Turkana South and Turkana East.

He encouraged the National Government to pursue bandits fleeing from Turkana and return them to their home counties, as well as to arrest those responsible for the atrocities.

Secondary Student Arrested With Stolen Phones, TVs, Police Uniforms


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