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Ministry Working On Junior Secondary School Placement Formula – Magoha

Private Schools To Build 5,000 Junior High School classrooms

Ministry Working On Junior Secondary School Placement Formula – Magoha.

With only 5 months before Grade Six students take their assessments, it is still unclear where they will be placed in junior secondary schools.

According to Education CS Prof George Magoha, the Ministry of Education is developing guidelines for the placement of learners transitioning from grade six to grade seven.

Magoha says the ministry is still working on the logistics, which will be available to both students and teachers soon.

Beginning November 28, nearly 1.24 million students are expected to take the Kenya Primary School Education Assessment.

Magoha was speaking at Mwiki Secondary School on Monday, where he launched a CBC classroom.

“There’s one thing I keep saying, the process of how children are going to apply for junior secondary is still being worked on,” Magoha said.

Unlike former KCPE candidates, who, according to Magoha, did not receive guidance on Form One selection, the CS stated that it will be different for Grade 6 students.

“To this effect, we shall make sure children are advised on how to apply for the schools and where to go,” he said.

The CS went on to say that the CBC also wants to eliminate the competition seen during secondary school selection.

He noted that the usual fierce competition will have to wait until year 9, which is senior year.

Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha has said that the second phase of Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) classroom construction will begin by the end of this week.

“Before I leave, we will have built another 3,500 classrooms in the second phase,” he said.

The first phase, which included the construction of 6,497 classrooms across the country, is 98% complete.

He also stated that private schools intend to build 5,000 classrooms to house junior secondary students.

Even though Magoha dismissed claims that junior secondary will eliminate boarding, the signs are clear.

This is because school ranking may be eliminated in the new curriculum.

According to the Kenya National Examination Council’s (KNEC) timetable, candidates will be assessed in five papers over three days until November 30, 2022.

On November 25, there will be rehearsals.

On the first day, mathematics and English will be covered, followed by Integrated Science (Science and Technology, Agriculture, Home Science, and Physical and Health Education) and Kiswahili on the second.


On the third and final day, candidates will be assessed in Art and Craft, Music, and Religious Education in the Creative Art and Social Studies subject.

Unlike the KCPE exams, where candidates are graded on a scale of 100, the KPSEA will account for only 40% of the final score.

The remaining 60% will come from classroom-based continuous assessment tests in Grades 4,5, and 6.

Ministry Working On Junior Secondary School Placement Formula – Magoha



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