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Tension After School Dorm Torched, Students Attacked With Arrows

Tension After School Dorm Torched, Students Attacked With Arrows.

Following two dormitory fires and an arrow attack on students within three days, tension has been felt at Tartar Primary School in West Pokot County.

The mixed boarding and day school’s dorms were set ablaze last Saturday and Sunday night by an arsonist. Someone brandished an arrow and attacked students on Monday in their dorm.

According to school officials, the attacker pointed the arrow at one of the students, who dove and managed to escape unharmed.

In an effort to aid law enforcement in apprehending the criminals, parents of students at the school have now resorted to performing Pokot rituals the following week.

According to Ms. Metrine Chemala, “Our elders will carry out rituals and we believe the person will just surrender or go insane.”

“We won’t relent on looking for the suspect because our children are learning in fear and are traumatised. We won’t allow him to continue causing more harm.”

An electrical fault was thought to be the cause of the first fire, but when a second fire broke out the following day in another dormitory, the school community decided to look into it more.

According to Ms. Chemala, school administrators believe the fire was started intentionally after discovering a matchbox in one of the dormitories.

The school has requested that police increase security while investigations are ongoing because the suspects are still at large.

“We want whoever has an ill motive against our pupils that we will pursue them by all means,” said deputy head teacher Dickson Mulei.

He declared that rituals would be used to find the suspects.

Although the two dormitories were destroyed, Mr. Mulei claimed that the neighborhood around the school contributed to putting out both fires.


He claimed that the attackers chose to target dorms for girls leaving students traumatized, as they plead with the police to give the school the tightest possible security.

“The learners don’t have anything. They have been forced to share whatever remained because all their bedding and boxes were burnt. We plead with well-wishers to come and help the learners,” he said.

On Wednesday, Governor John Lonyangapuo also paid a visit to the school and gave the students mattresses.

According to him, the school, which is among the oldest in the county, was built in 1933.

He promised to build new dorms for the school and denounced the fires and arrow attack.

Tension After School Dorm Torched, Students Attacked With Arrows



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